Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just When I Think I’ve Done It All

IMGP4419-1I’m reminded I will never have done it all!!!

In all the scenarios I have played out in my head, this was NeVeR one of them!!!
2 miles from home my little warning light came on…View Image
My husband has taught me well, don’t stress, just figure out why it’s there.  I immediately start scanning through all the little handy dandy functions the mini has and I see
32psi 32psi 32psi 21psi
I thought, 21, I can make it home on 21, then I glanced back down, 16…… UH-OH
I had to make decisions and FAST now down to 6psi and 1 mile from home with all 5 kids in tow.  I pulled into the driveway of one of my best friends who I have always referred to on my blog as “my neighbor” to aggravate her and her twin sister, but after this save I think she’ll forever be referred to as “My Best Friend Neighbor!” I frantically rang Denise’s doorbell and PRAYED she was home. YAY, she was and she had an air pump.  By this point the babies were screaming and OVER it! We hooked up the air pump and it started slowly filling with air. 
IMGP4418-1 We then realized how fast it was actually seeping out so in true Girly Fashion, we looked for the Duct Tape.  Hey, we knew it was a long shot, but I only had a mile that I needed that air to stay in! IMGP4420-1 I’m proud to announce, though I don’t recommend it, the Duct Tape worked!!! I drove a little faster than normal and by the time I approached my driveway I had 4 psi left and I said to myself, “Self, if it gets to 2, you’ll have to stop and walk the babies the rest of the way home so you don’t mess up your rim!” Well, it hit 2 as we pulled up to the house!
We’re home and I will now be taking a refresher course on Tire Changing and Matt will take a refresher course on turning his phone off of vibrate the second he walks out of school!!! 


Andy and Lisa said...

OH my goodness I love that you used duct tape! You're my hero so glad you made it home!!!!

Charity Donovan said...

You crack me up as usual Miss Sandra! I love you girl!

Amy said...

love that you used duct tape! hubby says that if you had some MRE cheese you should have put that on first and then the duct tape. said it'll get you 50 miles on a hum v. i think i've got some left over from the hurricanes if you want, LOL

Kami Lambe said...

LOL...so sorry about your day, but so happy y'all made it home safe and sound!

Love ya-

jag said...

GIRL! You crack me up! You did not duct tape a freakin' tire! REALLY?! That's awesome! You know what they say...

And, in true Sandra fashion, it seemed that you kept it together. I would have been a mess! Way to be lady!

Stephanie said...

Atleast you were that close to home!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!! Love you woman!!!

Suzanne said...

oh sandra dee! how wonderfully resourceful you women were! duct tape. freakin' love it! SOOOOOOO glad you were so close to home! (that last part about matt's phone cracks me up---why is it, that whenever i've had ANY emergency, i cannot get a hold of my husband WHATSOEVER?!?!?! grrrr)

love you!

King Quads said...

You crack me up and amaze me all at once.

Mike needs a little lesson in turning his phone on too...men.

Love you and your duct tape.

The McNulty Family said...

I'm sending you my super mom shirt.. today!!

i love you!!

The McNulty Family said...

and.. you KNOW how I feel about duct tape!! ;) AWESOME!

Jennie said...

Good thinking! Made it home in the nick of time! :)