Monday, February 8, 2010

All in a Day!

Last Wednesday… or was it the Wednesday before? I’m so behind on blogging! One Wednesday in the last few weeks we had a BIG day! First Cannon had an appointment with his Eye Doctor at 8 AM in Mobile, which is (on a good day and not during rush hour) a 45 minute drive! Keep in mind our babies sleep stay in their beds until 8:30 and we had to leave at 7:00.
When we arrived at the eye doctor I realized my camera battery was dead and I was SO bummed! We were in and out of the eye doctor in 30 minutes and loaded up and headed to Wal-Mart, mommy needed batteries!!! After a lot of ignorant questions we were done at
Wal-Mart and headed to our 10:40 appointment with the pulmonologist!
We whipped through a drive-thru on our way so that the babies could eat breakfast once we arrived at the doctor.
IMGP4192Gunner with a Mouth Full!IMGP4198 Avery with the static electricity going on in her hair!IMGP4197

The stroller lasted for about 5 minutes and they were ready to roam! Thank goodness we were the only ones in the waiting room so we let them loose!IMGP4207 IMGP4202 IMGP4206 They had a blast running free and exploring!
And in the hopes to avoid some of the questions that are asked of us, I wore one of my FAVORITE shirts from one of my FAVORITE stores, designedforbabies.comIMGP4204We still got the questions anyway!!!

The weights and heights were:
Cannon: 23.81 pounds, 31.10 inches
Gunner: 27.34 pounds, 30.5 inches
Lauren: 19.84 pounds, 29.13 inches 
Avery: 19.62 pounds, 28.15 inches
You think they were a little
worried about being precise on those measurements?
After their initial checkup we were put in a TINY room to wait for Dr. Sindel.
IMGP4217 Gunner and his juice box!IMGP4215Climbing and exploring! IMGP4211Daddy was not happy Lauren kept gravitating to the soccer ball! IMGP4212He was not happy about this shot either!  IMGP4209We got great results at both appointments and are heading down a road of better health we hope!! The boys had surgery last week to have tubes put in their ears and we hope this keeps away some ear infections. Cannon also had the frenula in his upper lip cut and now his smiles show his teeth and he seems to be drinking and eating better as well! Both recovered wonderfully and we’re full speed ahead for now!


Charity Donovan said...

OMG....they are too stinkin' cute & getting so grown up! I can't stand it!!! Slow them down momma!!!! =)

Loving the shirt!!! Awesome!!!!

Lauren said...

Wow, what a day! I love your shirt! You must get the SAME questions ALL the time.

Amber said...

What a busy day, I can only imagine! Glad all the appointments went well.

Anonymous said...

Sandra D, you rock my world girl! Thanks for the shout out, and having such cute freakin babies, Holy cute smiles!
But mostly for being such an amazing friend, i love you so very much!
Love, Case
The last picture with little man with a bow in his hair, looks like a little HN, Right?