Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do You……….

Have Your Game Face On?

IMGP4251I’m pretty sure he would rather be playing for the
Saints than having to wear makeup to watch them!!!
IMGP4240She was throwing her hands up and saying Touchdown!!! IMGP4243 IMGP4248
Yes, we’re Saints Fans!!
Yes, we’ve always been Saints fans,
we’re not just jumping on the
I was born and raised in Louisiana!


This was Avery’s face when I told her
we had some
quad friends that were Colts fans!!

Who Dat


Charity Donovan said...

Too FUNNY!!! I love you kill me guuuurrl!!

Amber said...

funtimes at your house! Cute, cute, cute!

Suzanne said...

hilarious! WHO DAT!!!! i love you, red!

Moni Graf said...

How could anyone cheer for anybody other than the saints after seeing this?!

Love those lil saints fans and even though my team isn't playing, i'm gonna have to cheer for my southern loves!


jag said...

Cutest game faces EVER! Love those bebes!

Jenni said...

Too cute! Being from Indiana we are Colts fans, but being Purdue grads we are huge Drew Brees fans!!!! Way to go Brees!!!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome game!!
We will be at Mardi Gras next weekend and I can only imagine how crazy it will be!!!!
Those babies are the cutest little saints fans ever!!!

Leigh said...

They are precious as always!! It was an awesome game!! and YES, we had our game faces on too

Lauren said...


I'm glad your team WON! GO Saints!

Kami Lambe said...

Love it! Hope y'all had a good time last night! Geaux Saints!