Friday, February 12, 2010

Royalty for a Day

Everyone should have the opportunity once a year to feel like royalty, even if it’s just for one day. 
When Hannah Noelle was asked by Jayce’s Me-Me (who is Jayce’s great grandmother) to be her escort in a Mardi Gras Ball in which she was queen and to walk alongside her and Jayce, Hannah Noelle was THRILLED! The best part for mommy, was she was able to wear the dress she had previously worn last year in Taris and Corey’s wedding. Me-Me wanted a little pink added so I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, bought some hot pink satin and with the magic of some safety pins we transformed the sash! Hannah Noelle’s favorite part, of course, was the tiara! I was very nervous how she would react once they announced her name and she realized the massive amounts of people in attendance.  Like true royalty, though, she marched right on out and was a waving and smiling machine! I was one SUPER PROUD MOMMY! IMGP4160IMGP4161 IMGP4162




And since Formal Attire was required, I also got to get spiffied up! Matt, made me feel like a queen on this night by calling me twice on my way to the ball to tell me how beautiful I looked and how gorgeous our children were! He “took one for the team” and stayed home with the babies so that we didn’t have to rent a tux and/or hire a babysitter.  He pretended to be a wee bit sad when we left he house, but I’m sure if you ask any man, they’ll agree, tux shoes are not only not attractive, they’re painful!! MeandHNHannah Noelle was very concerned when she asked me where I got the beads and I said, well, I kissed the King and the Dukes on the cheek and they gave them to me.  Ewwww, I’m gonna tell daddy! She’ll learn soon enough all the Mardi Gras traditions, I just hope that’s a few years off! 
Happy Mardi Gras!!!

P.S.  If you followed the link to the newspaper article you read it right, they had her name incorrectly.  Me-Me has called Hannah Noelle, Hannah Nicole since she was born.  I made sure the emcee had her name correctly when he introduced her, but obviously didn’t proof the press article! Hannah Noelle has never corrected Me-Me, so we just let it ride…


Following HIM said...

The Cochran crew sure has some pretty ladies in their bunch. You and HN look absolutly stunning. HN looks awesome. Her mama, yes you, looks rockin' and amazin' too!

Charity Donovan said...

So flippin' beautiful!! Momma & daughter! What a great night!!!!

Amber said...

HN is so adorable. She is the perfect queen and plays the part perfectly. Her daddy is going to have his hands full with all the handsome princes that will be chasing her.

Suzanne said...

OMG! HN looks absolutely beeeeeautiful! just like her red hot mama! what a magical special night for your 1st born baby girl! ;) LOVE the pics!

jag said...

GREAT story about the name!

You girls looked so so pretty and Jayce was one adorable little dude!

Good times!

King Quads said...

HN is a beautiful little aren't so bad yourself either!