Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lauren Kathryn Cochran



Smiley Girl

Hannie’s Girl

Sweet-a Pete-a

Today makes one year since our Little Bity Lauren came home! It was very hard for us to believe that she beat Avery home since Lauren was the only one that required surgery while in the NICU.  When she came home we quickly knew she was going to be our EASIEST baby! To this day, this still holds true.  If Lauren is crying, something is wrong! She is BY FAR our best eater even though her size doesn’t show it! She looks the most like Hannah Noelle to us and smiles every time HN enters the room!!! She is so very patient! She is always the last one up in the morning and the last one up at nap. I honestly think she would stay in her bed all day if we let her!  When I tell you this little girl can burp, she CAN BURP!!! She is also probably the most eager to learn new things! She is a master at “What’s a Tiger say” and “Where’s your belly button.” She LOVES boys and men! If there is a man in the room, I can hand her off and she’d rather stay with him even if it is a complete stranger!!! Lauren is also the only one that has not been classified as having asthma! She seems to have the strongest lungs of all 4.  Lauren has laryngomalacia which makes her always sound raspy and like she needs to cough! We were very glad the day she was diagnosed with that so that we no longer thought she was always congested! With time it should improve itself!
We LOVE you Lauren Kathryn!Lauren104_0071104_0029104_0053 104_0101 104_0125 lauren1IMGP316424 21 22 23


Emma said...

Happy special day little Lauren! I just love your little smile- and I don't want to make you selfish or anything, but you have always been my favourite Cochran quad!


nicole_dib said...

She is sooo cute! Glad she is doing so well! Happy one year home Lauren :)

Shane also had laryngomalacia... and it does get better with time! Now that he's two, he doesn't make that noise. But I remember when everyone always used to say.. he's getting sick or he's so congested.. you can even feel it in his chest. Then I would have to explain "Oh that's just the little flap in the back of his throat that is weak." (Do people do that to you?)
Oh and by the way... does she take after you in her affection this early for men?? LOL
just kidding! I think that is precious!
P.S. I've missed kidding around with you, it's been a while since I've commented on a post or since Shane has left some lovin for Jillian...!!!

Following HIM said...

Welcome home for one year Lauren! You are the light of your parents world and HN's too. Your smile is radiant and I am so glad that this year has been full of adventure and fun for you. SO sweet!

Lauren said...

Oh, she is DARLING! What a sweet little girl.

Andrea said...

Sweet Little Lauren -
You are the SWEETEST little girl your PaePae has ever seen! You absolutely melt my heart when I come home and you want to be in my lap, on my hip - anywhere, as long as you're getting your PaePae time!
Thank you for being the constant good girl and making us all smile and laugh at everything you do! I can't wait til you're older and I can tell you stories of how you like to hang upside down like a bat!!

Happy Special Day, sweet girl!
PaePae LOVE, LOVE, LOVES you!!

The Scarbroughs said...

From the moment I met you, my heart melted. You are a precious baby and Aunt Leigh-land loves you! Everytime I come to see your mommy and daddy I try to take you home... no luck thus far! Great post Sandra!!

jag said...

I love that you're doing this ode to each baby. It is such a great tradition! Lauren is so beautiful. You know, you can actually see what a patient heart she has in her eyes. Don't you think?