Friday, October 9, 2009

Our First Parade

No, the babies were not in the parade! Big Sister was in the parade with her dance studio and Pae-Pae decided to brave the crowds and take the babies!  Casey, Ciera, Ty, Mrs. Laura and Olivia were all there to lend a helping hand! Andrea scoped out the least populated place and set up camp! IMGP3440Lauren kicked back! IMGP3443Gunner was SO excited that people
were throwing food at him!! IMGP3445I’m not looking at you ~ Avery IMGP3412The CrewIMGP3415 Ciera holding Cannon who only
wanted to get down and walk!
I still haven’t gotten used to the fact
that they HAVE to wear shoes now!IMGP3419Lauren’s serious face! IMGP3421 Casey with the Fab FourIMGP3422IMGP3431 Casey imitating Cannon’s paci face!IMGP3436 IMGP3437 IMGP3438IMGP3439

IMGP3425 IMGP3424

Hannah Noelle was SOOOO happy to see her brothers and sisters! I’m anxious to see the pictures that I took from in the truck with Terrie’s camera! It’s like a super duper super duper camera and even when we were a block away I was still taking pictures!
Oh, and for my Quad Mamas, look at my arm up in the air!!!

104_0148Before and AfterFearless5Now, to answer a question I’ve been asked a lot lately……. What happened to Gunner’s hair? I really thought I had blogged about it already, but I haven’t, sorry!
Yes, it was an accident!
Gunner’s hair had started curling around his ears and his spikey doo was getting way too long so I decided to take the clippers to it myself……… BAD IDEA! I had done it before and it worked out perfect.  Well, this time I grabbed “the bad clippers” (that’s what I was told after the fact, but, in my defense, why would you keep “bad clippers”) I had the guard I wanted on the clippers so that I could just skim across it and shorten it just a little.  Well, as I went towards his sweet little head the guard popped off on one side and I didn’t see that happen.  As soon as the clippers touched the hair it popped off all the way and…. well… you see what the end result was.  After a quick trip to the hair salon and a promise that I will never do it again, we ended up with half inch long hair! I think it’s rather stud-ly, but I have full intentions on letting it grow back out!
Now, I must get off the computer and pack my bags!!
So EXCITED about my trip I can’t stand it!!!
I’ve left my password for Pae-Pae so you never know,
she may do a post while we’re gone!


Suzanne said...

i'm laughing SOOOOOO hard right now, b/c you didn't even have to say anything about that arm! it was the first thing i noticed!!! your arms can stretch out forever--i'm amazed, u skinnyB!

the little darlings looked TOOOOO cute! i bet you guys were SO excited to see them! how fun!

yall have a blast this weekend, girlfriend! LOVE you!

jag said...

SAN-DRA! You call me the next time you get the hankerin' to go cut that beautiful boy's precious mop! No! No! I've been there! Learn from my mistakes! Love you! It looks adorable anyway!