Saturday, October 24, 2009

Avery Caroline Cochran





Sleepy Head


One year ago today Avery Caroline came home from the hospital.  I could go on and on about this being the day that our family became complete, but it’s her special day, not everyone’s all though I think it should maybe count as mine and Matt’s special day too! Avery came home with propane in her blood, she was the “ticking time bomb!” She wanted us to make sure we knew we didn’t have triplets, we had quadruplets! She was the one that DEMANDED attention, cried in the middle of the night when the rest were content and would wake them up.  I’m pretty sure that after we went to the 12 hour stretch at night she was the only one who ever bucked the system.  Then when Avery learned how to roll over she was a brand new woman! Her motility gave her the independence she needed.  She was the first to roll, the first to sit up, the first to crawl, the first to pull up to stand and has now decided she’s tired of showing the others how to do things and REFUSES to walk!!! She is soooo laid back now, but when she gets angry, it’s a horrific scream and then she throws herself to the floor and rolls over and over! I definitely think Avery’s personality lets her think outside of the box and she beats to a different drum than the other three.  There is no doubt she will be in a rock band one day as the lead drummer and lead vocals, she wouldn’t be happy with just one position! She is the daredevil of all daredevils! If there is anyway to climb it, taste it, bite it, take it off, she will!
Avery Caroline we love you sooooo much!!

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nicole_dib said...

I've tried leaving a comment twice.. but it doesn't show up.

Maybe third time's a charm!

She is soo precious!

nicole_dib said...

I love that picture with you in the mirror looking at her! Beautiful!

jag said...

Punkarella! Happy homecoming day girlie! I know you bring so much fun to the Cochran house and I love to watch you grow!

Lauren said...

Gosh, where do you come up with all these fun nicknames for the kids? Too cute!

I've really enjoyed leaning about each of the babies on their "special day", and knowing more about their individual personalities. What a journey it's been for you during this past year.

Ava-Ave is precious!

Andrea said...

Avery Caroline Cochran!!!!!!!!!!
You only know one speed - and it's TURBO SPEED! You are THE funniest little girl and I LOVE every new day that brings a new trick or song or move or noise or...who knows what's next to come from you??? You will always demand to be the center of attention - and don't you worry - you will ALWAYS be it because we wouldn't have it any other way either.
I love you Punky!