Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camp Meeting

Every year in October there is a special week set aside for the New Prospect Methodist Camp Meeting.  No, I’m not Methodist, but this week is not about what religion you are, whose family you belong to, it’s about being together and celebrating life together as a “family.” About 12 years ago (Geez, I’m getting old) the Fondren’s/Chapman’s always talked about Camp Meeting this, Camp Meeting that.  There were words used like tent, Tabernacle, Olympics, parade, gumbo, biscuits and gravy.  I’ll admit I was a little scared at first, but I agreed and went! I fell in love with the atmosphere of it all.  Imagine tons of great people, even better food in an old school style living atmosphere.  Every year I look forward to this week and always make sure I’m there on Friday Gumbo night with some of the best gumbo you could EVER imagine! Last year the babies were too small and fragile to go so I took Hannah Noelle alone, but this year I had made a promise to all my Camp Meeting Family that I would bring them.  Friday Night Gumbo night fell two weekend ago on the same night as Play House Disney Live and Pae-Pae had already made plans to take Hannah Noelle and Jayce.  Matt had a football game, so I loaded up the babies solo and we hit the trail! Amazingly enough (or not too amazing for those of you who know April) we bet them there, but I managed to make my way in with the crew and we started the festivities without them! Camp Meeting29 Camp Meeting13 Camp Meeting16 Camp Meeting23 Camp Meeting24 Camp Meeting25 Camp Meeting28Notice Gunner always has a fork in his mouth and the girls always have remnants of food on their faces!  Now that Cannon is walking/running I get very few pictures of him because he’s either full speed ahead or attached to my hip!

The next day Pae Pae and I had just not had enough of the fresh air so we loaded the babies up again and hit the highway to Hattiesburg to do some shopping! They were not so thrilled about the long ride, but since Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds were the light at the end of the tunnel for them, they recouped well!Camp Meeting14 Camp Meeting10 Camp Meeting11 Camp Meeting12 Probably my favorite part about this trip, besides the friends we met that went shopping with us was when strolling through the mall an onlooker/stalker said WOOOOW and Lauren looked right back at her and said WOOOOOW almost as if she mocking her.  Wow is now her new word and I LOVE IT!

Now, this weekend was jam packed too so stayed tuned this week for a Corny Post!!! Yea, I’m gonna catch some flack on the use of Corny there for those of you who click on the link!!

Have a GREAT Week!

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WOOOOW...what a great weekend! Can't wait for the corny post!