Monday, October 26, 2009

Corn Maze

Saturday marked one year we had been together as a family so we decided to load the kids up and take them to our local Corn Maze. We were very excited to start a tradition with the quads that we have always done with Hannah Noelle. And just as a warning there are tons of pictures, 48 to be exact! I was camera happy and it was a beautiful day, so I snapped away!Camp Meeting47 GunnerCamp Meeting4 CannonCamp Meeting8 LaurenCamp Meeting9Avery

Camp Meeting7 The Crew!Camp Meeting1 At least they were all looking in the right direction!Camp Meeting6

Daddy showing us how to milk a wooden cow!?! Camp Meeting2Not real sure why I was thinking a PVC slide was a good idea! Camp Meeting42Hannah Noelle loved it though!Camp Meeting38And right about now I was getting REALLY nervous!Camp Meeting43We did it and I still have the bruises to prove it!

Camp Meeting52 Next we moved on to the horsey swing!Camp Meeting53 Avery loved it but wouldn’t open her eyes! Camp Meeting40Gunner Absolutely loved it!Camp Meeting36

This picture is just for Beth!!!!Camp Meeting63 Gunner just wanted to eat the pumpkins!Camp Meeting49Trying to call the chickens over!

Camp Meeting57 LOVE THIS PICTURE!Camp Meeting58 The babies were not real sure about all the corn!Camp Meeting61

Group Shot!Camp Meeting74 HN found her way out first and tried to scare us!Camp Meeting66 Waiting for the Cow RideCamp Meeting67 I felt a little too brave and let Gunner
ride with Hannah Noelle!Camp Meeting70
 Camp Meeting73

She did a great job taking care of him though!Camp Meeting124 Then off to our picnic!Camp Meeting85 Cannon was loving it!Camp Meeting86 Avery wasn’t too sure!Camp Meeting87 Need I say more for Gunner?Camp Meeting88 Lauren was a little confused! Camp Meeting90 The group and Cannon escaping with the Cotton Candy!Camp Meeting91 Still trying to get in the Cotton CandyCamp Meeting92 I don’t need a pinch, let me take a BIG BITE!Camp Meeting94Camp Meeting95 Camp Meeting97 Camp Meeting102 The leaves were also very tasty!

Camp Meeting104 The baby swings were next and a Big Hit!Camp Meeting112 Camp Meeting113 Camp Meeting114 Camp Meeting117 Camp Meeting118 Camp Meeting122 Camp Meeting123

Camp Meeting127

This was the view from the trunk
looking in when we got home!!!
It was a GREAT day with our family and we were all ready for a much needed long nap when we got home and settled!

For a few pictures from our trip to Baton Rouge three weeks ago, check out the Lambe’s Blog!

Have a Great Week!


Kelly Trullinger said...

Wow! They are getting so big! Love the Cow Train! The pink bows are just too precious!

Kami Lambe said...

Cute pics and beautiful babies! I know what you mean about being camera happy...I took 95 at the pumpkin patch! I say, snap away! Looks like y'all are really loving the stroller too!

Kami Lambe said...

O...and I love the pic of HN running through the maze. That's a framer!

Lauren said...

Love all the pictures! I felt like I was right there with you guys. You guys make having quads + 1 look EASY! Really, you do!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying your posts. I just brought my triplets home to meet their 4 brothers, so that makes seven kids in our house!

Following HIM said... precious! Is it bad that I am jealous that you guys have a corn maze?! So glad the corn maze was a success!

Breanna said...
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