Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friends or Partners in Crime?

Over the last few months it has amazed me to see the friendship/partnership our babies have made with each other.  You will generally find Gunner and Avery together and Lauren and Cannon at least six steps apart playing independently, yet close to each other.  I love watching their personalities, their likes and dislikes and the great bond they have with each other! Here are a few pictures they let me take today and some from a recent outing we had with our friends Philip, Mary-Claire and their mom, Mary-Elizabeth. The bad part is, I forgot the camera once we left the house so I don’t have any of Philip and Mary-Claire……. this is a beg for pictures, Mary-Elizabeth! I’m also going to include some really old pictures! My 2GB Memory Card is full and I decided it was time to put all the pictures on my computer and start fresh again!! Card671I’ll show you how it works, Sissy ~ CannonCard690Yes, I am up to NO GOOD ~ GunnerCard193This Whole Milk is some Good Stuff ~ CannonCard225   Gunner and Avery being B-A-D!!!  Card256 Smile Laura-Laur!  Card288This is Lauren’s I didn’t do it face! Card292  Look how long he looks!!!Card663This picture was an accident, but I love it!!
Gunner has some Big Blues!
Card369Back off Mom!!!! ~ AveryCard103Get him AWAY from me!! ~ Lauren
Card123Poor Try at a Group Shot!


Card602 Hannah Noelle sharing my bed with me! Oh, how I hated those hospital days!Card74HN with very little hair!Card125Christmas ‘07Card564January ‘08
Hannah Noelle and Ruby Card593Every little girl needs a little mud in her life!!
This picture also helps justify why I put ginormous bows in her hair!!!


Konnie said...

Oh My Gosh! Gunner looks like a big boy with his new haircut! They are all too cute.

Leigh said...

I absolutely LOVE the pics!! the group shot was too cute! They are getting so big,and are as adorable as always.. ALL of them, including HN! Love ya girl!!

Amber H said...

It goes without saying....but you have some beautiful kidos!! My all time favorite pic is the one of ( my heart) miss hannie bananie in the mud hole! :)

tarismarie said...

HAHA!!! Crack me up!! I love your kiddos!!! They always make me smile!

Stephanie said...

Your last comment cracks me up! lol
What awesome pics! They are all getting so big!

Lindsi said...

I love the pics...especially the crying ones (I am a sucker for waterworks!)