Monday, September 14, 2009

Caution….. Dry Paint!?!?!

 The last week we have been waking up to a beautifully nappy headed Avery who looks like she’s been eating snow! What is it she’s been eating you might ask? Her Bed!! Turns out the rail is a great teether! After tons of research I determined the following:
1) Her bed is brand new so there is NO lead paint involved!

2) It’s completely normal behavior for a child to do!

3) There are covers to prevent this from happening, even stylish ones!!

Paint5 Paint2 Paint4Paint1

bed rail2 Bed Rail

This is the new look we’ll be sporting in 5-7 days! I ordered pink ones for the girls and blue ones for the boys!


Suzanne said...

hilarious---your precious little termite! our cribs, unfortunately, look the exact same way! let me know if those covers work- or if they just pull them off. we tried the gummi rails and our kids had those off within days. grrr-- so we just gave up!

RADstitches said...

I have never seen that! Funny! ALl of them are precious..but, you already know that right? I just wanna come over and kiss em all!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh that is too funny! I was lucky Landon never did that!
Hope they work!!

Charity Donovan said...

So funny!!! Nathan is our little rail chewer! I mean for can't taste good! =)

Keith and Jamie said...

I wish I had known about the rail covers...james and maggie both did this, but not quite as bad. Well, she definitely has strong teeth : )?
have a great week!

Renee' said...

That is to cute.Reminds me of the story they tell about me and my mamaws end table..I teethed on it and after all these years my teeth marks are still there.

Moni Graf said...

Awww....leave it to Punkarella to discover something as ornery as chewing the rails off!

And, I swear, between you and J-Walk, you two find the coolest baby inventions ever. I'll chalk it up to you both being EXCELLENT researchers!