Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub

4 Quads in a Tub
We LOVE bath time!
And with all the Cheeto faces seen in these pictures you can tell we have them quite often!
Bath14 Bath15 Bath2 Bath4 Bath5 Bath6 Bath7 Bath10 Bath11 Bath12And just to make Jac Tubre feel better, the one wash cloth pictured is their play cloth, we have an additional one for faces and one for their nether regions!!  
No butt to face action going on with our wash cloths!!!

Please say an extra prayer for the
McNulty Quads and the Burkett Quads, they’re all sick! Poor little babies and Moms and Dads!
Also, please continue to pray for the
Stansels whose sextuplets were born at 22 Weeks and their three surviving girls need our prayers as they fight!


jag said...

Well, if that isn't the cutest! The group bath about finished me off. I continue to be amazed by your patience and willingness to kick it up a notch girl! Love ya!

Praying for all of those mentioned.

Jennie said...

Looks like fun!

Meg said...

Love the cheeto smiles! Looks like they are having a blast!

Lauren said...

Love all the bathtime pics!

Does the sextuplet family have a blog link? I will keep them in my prayers.

King Quads said...

I love these. You should frame these and put them in their bathroom. So adorable. I do two and two now...all four at once about killed me - there you go again showing us all who's boss!

Love ya'll!