Monday, August 31, 2009

Honest Scrap


It seems as though I was nominated by Lauren for the Honest Scrap Award! "What does that mean," you ask?!  The idea is to share 10 honest things about yourself that your blog readers may not already know about you, and then pass the award on by nominating 7 other blogs that you find "brilliant in content or design". Sounds easy enough, right? The part about nominating 7 other blogs that I love does, but thinking up 10 new things about me?? Hmmm...
Here We Go…….

1) I love, love, love a bargain whether it be from a coupon, a good sale, consignment sale, Goodwill, wherever, whatever!

2) The thought of walking in a bathroom with no shoes or socks on makes me sick to my stomach!

3) I was that crazy crazy nut mom when Hannah Noelle was a baby! It was done my way or no way! I have handed out many apologies since I realized how nuts I was!!!

4) If I have a project that HAS to be done I would rather stay up late, late, late than wake up 5 minutes earlier than I have to! There’s just something about changing my morning routine that sends me in a whirlwind!

5) I plan WAY too far ahead, almost obsessively too far ahead! I already have costumes for the kids for Halloween, their Christmas clothes and starting to get a little nauseous planning Easter outfits! It’s definitely a sickness, but it’s one that doesn’t leave me in a tizzy right before big events!

6) I don’t DON’T don’t like wearing skirts or dresses! I’m not real sure why! I used to blame it on my pasty white chicken legs, but I’ve been wearing Bermuda Shorts this year, so I’m not sure what the real problem is with dresses!

7) I LOVE to get dressed up.  There is nothing like a day when there is enough time to care what I look like! I like doing my makeup, fixing my hair, wearing something besides Yoga Pants and a tee-shirt.  It makes you feel better about yourself too!

8) My husband absolutely adores me and for that I think he hung the moon! I get a love note every morning and several random texts throughout the day along with E-Cards! Its the little gestures that mean the most!!!

9)  I always try to say something positive or complementary towards everyone I see everyday! I’m sure people sometimes think I’m being insincere, but I will make it a point to compliment something about their clothes, their hair, their attitude, something! I do this because I love a good compliment so I try to spread the joy!!!

10) I always worry (way too much) if I’ve offended people or if I come across the wrong way.  This is awkward for me if you know me because I’m a very say what I want, speak what I feel kind of girl, but then after it comes out of the ole’ mouth I worry about it for days or hours!!

Time to Pass The Award On…….

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jag said...

Oh crap! It was only 7 we were supposed to nominate?! I WAY over did it! Off to read your 10!

Suzanne said...

GREATNESS! love learning more about my favorite red head...

Charity Donovan said...

Love LOVE luv you Miss Sandra!!! Your husband is too dang cute for words...notes/texts/cards!!! If Steve had a romantic bone in his body I think I would pass out!!! I'm a planner as's killing me right now because I can't find the Halloween costumes i want!!! I'm stressing!!! Love you & miss you girly!

Lauren said...

I enjoyed reading your 10! I think that is so great that you and your hubby have a wonderful relationship. I'm sure that makes things a little easier when things get stressful and hectic with the 5 kids!

I too LOVE bargain shopping. Getting a good deal is the best! I too love getting dressed up!

Thanks for participating! This was fun, huh?

Amy-Jo said...

What a fabulous relationship you and your hubby have, such a romantic! I am going to need to learn some bargain shopping from you, I love bargain shopping but am so bad sometimes.

Meg said...

I completely understand what you mean about the little things with your husband! I love it so much when my husband leaves me a hand written note! It tops a fancy dinner out anyday! By the way, your "crew" is adorable!

Tera said...

Visiting from Steece's Pieces, but I had to comment... I too have my girls' Halloween, Christmas, and yes, Easter outfits already! I just got their Easter dresses last weekend b/c I found a bargain :) at Strasburg Childrens. And...I could have written your #10 myself. I want to be open and honest with people, and then I make myself sick worrying that I offended them. Glad to know you go through it too!