Sunday, August 30, 2009

How’d Ya Know?

Several people have either commented or messaged me directly wanting to know how I knew Cannon needed glasses.  Well, as much as I would like to say Mother’s Intuition, I can’t.

  The babies were seen in the NICU by a Pediatric Optometrist to be tested for ROP.  All four past the ROP test, but were required for a follow-up (here’s the post about it) with Dr. Rich after being released.  At that appointment we were told to pretty much expect Cannon to have to have glasses.  He also told us to keep an eye on his eyes to make sure there was no crossing, etc.  After some conversations with my buddy, Jac, about when she knew she needed to do something with Cullen I knew it was time to take the Can-Man back.  We went back and we decided to wait it out a little longer.  The plan then was to come back in October if it stayed the same, but if it got worse to come back asap.  After the recent hospital stay we had we realized that when Cannon is sick or extremely tired his droopy eye (the left one) is almost completely closed.  We went back and Dr. Rich decided to try the glasses.  He told me, he probably won’t wear them, but when and if he notices a difference, he won’t want to take them off.  That’s been what’s happened since the second I put them on.  I have had to put them back on (besides after nap, sleeping, baths, etc) only one time and that was a jealous rage fit that Gunner had to climb in my lap and knocked them off! We’re praying this resolves the problem and we don’t have to take any further steps!

Here are some pictures of Cannon before the glasses where you can really see the droopy (Popeye) eye!

104_0150104_0108 104_0103104_0027   Have a Great Week!


jag said...

He is the cutest Popeye I've ever seen!

Suzanne said...

sweet little buddy! i hope the specs are helping! (i can't see ANY difference with our lil miss..frustrating)

Jenni said...

He is such a cutie with his glasses!!! That is so great that he is taking to them so well!