Thursday, March 26, 2009

Parties & Sharing & Eye Docs, Oh My

Sit back and get comfy, this is going to be a Long One!!
Saturday we celebrated my former boss' 70th Birthday!
He was so surprised by the over 60 guest that showed up!!
It was AWESOME to see everyone!
Thanks Marjorie and Hampton for making it so wonderful!
Above: DeeDee and Leighann
Leighann is my inspiration in more ways than one!
We were co-workers and became the best of friends!
Below: George or as we say, Georgie Porgie!
Love Ya Georgie, here's to many more birthdays!
Now, all about the sharing!!
We had our first fight today over a toy and it was HILARIOUS!
There was a rattle type snake thingy a few scoots away from Lauren and Cannon. They looked at each other with that, I'm going to beat you face and the race was on! Lauren can roll anywhere she wants to go and Cannon does the swimming, nose dive type crawling. Lauren has extremely long arms and fingers and Cannon is -- well, Cannon is kind of a wienie!
After a few shirt pullings, ear grabbings, toe suckings, Lauren got the toy. Cannon immediately starting crying! Lauren held it tight and rolled away in victory! As soon as she reached her Lovie, which is anything silky, she dropped the toy and went on about her business! She is going to be the playground bully I tell ya!!
Their new favorite toy is pictured below. Our friend Denise let us borrow this because her daughter, Sara Kate, had outgrown it. The Kids love it! They bounce, turn, slobber on themselves in the mirror and bite the frog! Thanks so much Denise!

Now, all about the eye doctor!
It was our scheduled 6 month follow-up, you know, at 7 months! And off we went. Matt took the day off work, Andrea took Hannah Noelle to school and God decided it was a good day to water his flowers!! Needless to say, we were in for a trip!!
First stop, Kinko's to copy the Patient Info Pack. I always have them mail me one, I fill in all the generics, last name, parent's names, birth date, general questions that apply to all their health and then I copy that 3 more times and go back and fill in the questions that are kid specific! It saves LOTS of time!! We arrived at the doctor in Mobile, on time, whew, but it was raining hard! Thank goodness they had a canopy! I got out the mammoth stroller and Matt started heaving kids over the back seat! We were locked and loaded and rolling in within 6 minutes! After answering 7 ga-zillion questions we sat and waited our turn. I had two in my lap and Matt had the other two. Finally they called us back and the sweet lady pushed the stroller and we just walked back each with two kids in tow! We were strategic in our dilating process knowing that once Gunner was dilated, everyone would be scared because he gives out that warning cry to let everyone know what's happening is NO GOOD! Avery first, who to my surprise was pretty tolerant, Cannon, wimpy as usual, Lauren, never knew anything happened and then G-Man's turn. He must have liked the nurse because he never made a sound! Then we got escorted back out to the waiting room to wait for 30 minutes to let the drops do their magic. Gunner never made it back in the stroller, but daddy pushed the other three around and around just to keep the peace!

Cannon with his, What you talking about Willis face!

The girls got tired of the riding and decided to take a nap!
So Sweet!

Daddy, still going round and round trying to make Cannon happy!

Mommy and Gunner Chillin on the sidelines!
And just in case I didn't tell you it was raining,
look at the massive amounts of curls on my head!
The more it rains, the more it curls!

Whew, they're all asleep!!

Avery so asleep she quit sucking her thumb.

Lauren so asleep she quit sucking her fingers!

And, of course, as soon as they were all asleep, including Gunner, we got called back!
Gunner was first and he got a great report! He does not have to go back for 2 years.
Cannon was second. He has astigmatism in both eyes and both eyes are pretty weak.
He will go back in a year and will most likely need glasses!
Next was Avery and she also has astigmatism. Her eyes are a little stronger than Cannon's and we will hopefully be able to avoid glasses with her.
I then shipped those three out the door with Matt because they were getting LOUD!
Lauren was the last to be checked and her visit took the longest.
Lauren has different degrees of astigmatism and vision in her eyes which can make her tend to use one over the other and lead to future problems.
Right now they're all scheduled to go back in one year, except for Gunner. We will go back sooner if we notice anything that is alarming to us. Matt and I both have bad vision and I have astigmatism as well, so, we weren't expecting great results anyway, but at least it's not anything we have to worry about today!
Have any of you had Lasik Surgery? I need to hear some views on it!!
Have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Love the girls sleeping positions!! You did a great job too at the doc by the way!
Love you!

The Scarbroughs said...


I really love the post! I can't believe how big they are getting! I need to come by and photo the muffins for ya! I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, I consider you my best friend and I really miss seeing you everyday! Thank you for listening to my fears of taking this new job, which I love; but, the Shaddock Days will always be a cherished memory. I want to cook for ya'll again, so pick out your latest craving! You say I am an inspiration, but I couldn't of gotten where I am today without you believing in me. You are an inspiration to me; your strength and love for life inspire me to always think of the positives in every situation. Those precious babies are so blessed to have you and Matt as their parents, will you adopt me?!!!! I love you guys!

P.S. tell HN I found her markers when I packed up my office
:( and I will get them to her!!!

Charity Donovan said...

6 minutes??? Man you all are GOOD! Steve & I need lessons! Loved the pics of the girls sleeping! Too cute!

Mackenzie said...

Hey Sandra,
Nick had Lasik and it was the best $2000 we ever spent!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Glad to hear nothing major for now. Praying hard for all those little eyes.

My eyes are terrible also. Let me know if you get any great info on Lasik!

Kelli Tufnell

Leigh said...

I love the post! and good job getting them out in 6 minutes! My husband had Lasik and he says everyday it was the BEST money he has ever spent! he also said if you have any questions he'd try to answer them for you!

Andrea said...

CanMan looks like such a big boy in his picture! It makes me a little sad!
GO MUFFINS!!!!!!!!

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

I love the post...all the pictures. Looks like you all did great at the eye doctor--glad everyone got good reports. We have one of those baby einstein jumpers--Philip loves it! We also have those same outfits!!!Definitely invest money in yourself and get LASIK--it's the least you can do for yourself--go for it! love ya

tarismarie said...

I love the sleeping pictures!! They are priceless! And though I know you will not agree....I love the picture of you and Gunner! They are growing so fast!!

Jac Tubre said...

They are so cute sleeping in the stroller! I love the picture of you and G-man - you both look great!

We did the eye doc today too. LOADS of fun :)

Sorry I have been MIA...LOVE YOU!


jag said...

They are just darling all curled up in their stroller! LOVE the pic of Matt pushing the mammoth and you with G-Man. Isn't it nice to have them all in one ride?

The party sounds like it was fun. I'm going to need to see some pics of YOU there! Betcha were SOOO pretty!

nicole_dib said...

Great post... 6 minutes to get them out of the car while it's raining...impressive! Hey.. way to go Gunner... it must have been a great nurse!! Hugs, nicole

(p.s.To Gunner's mom, you might not want to let Gunner look at our blog.. i was able to go to the beach with a special little girl this past weekend and i don't want him to be upset.. from Shane.) Lol

Sharon said...

Hey girl, I see you have been busy! Love the pictures and they are so big and growing fast. I hardly know mine from one day to the next. Joey had Lasik right after the babies were born and he also says he has had great results. Remember, I have car seats. Later

Anonymous said...

I have worn contacts/glasses for roughly 22 years of my life. My eyes were so bad I could tell that the big "E" was an E, but it was really blurry....even when squinting! I took the plung and had Lasik done a month ago. I keep asking myself why I waited so long. It is the BEST thing I have ever done in my life (other than get married and have a baby)! I have an almost 14 month old, and it makes life so much easier. One less step when getting ready in the morning, no fumbling to find the glasses when still in a sleep induced coma, and no more curious little fingers smudging up the lenses. DO IT! I promise you will love it! Good luck!

Liz J from KS

MyThreeSons said...

Hi, Not sure how I found your sight but have been a "lurker" for a few months. I thought I would post tonight in reference to your Lasic question. It is the most wonderful thing that I could have done for myself!!!! My only regret is that I did not do it sooner!! I am a big baby when it comes to procedures and I did not feel a thing. By the way your babies are precious. Can't imagine having 4 at one time, it was a challange for me with having 3 in 3 years. Good luck on your decision.

Moni Graf said...

Glad to hear you survived the eye appointment....with flying colors!

I also want to see pics of you all dolled up to go out. Not that the babies arent' adorable as usual, but we need some Sandra-lovin' too!

Talk to ya soon!

The Carlsons said...

wow! i'm surprised you got in to the eye doc with all 4. usually, we've had to make 2 trips, with 2 babies at a time.

you are awesome! getting everyone there in record time, especially dealing with the rain. oh my! (oh and i hear ya on the frizz - ME TOO! :P ) good thing you don't have to go back for a while. but a bummer 3/4th of them got dx'd with astigmatism :( hopefully it's not too bad for them in the future!! it stinks when genetics like that get passed down :P

love seeing the muffins! sleeping babies are the cutest!! and makes for a happy mama too ;)

thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy