Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Doo's

I Love Feet Shots!!!Holy Cow, They're all looking and two are smiling!
Love This Close Up!!
I still have my Spikey-Doo. Jillian!!
Smiling Lauren!
(You'd never know she has the flu!)
Laughing Laura-Kate
Two Smiles in a row!!
Close your eyes for this one Cullen!!
I already gave you two smiles, mom, BACK OFF
~ Punk-A-Rella~
Hope you like every one's New Doo!!


tarismarie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those are absolutely precious pictures!!!! I LOVE the group picture!!!! It's so good! Avery's last shot cracks me up...proud of her smiles by the way! Gunner is still snazzy little man!!! Lauren and Cannon are as precious as always! Corey was a little upset when he thought the spikey doo was gone for Gun man! :-) Give them all kisses for me!!!

Leigh said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! they are PRECIOUS!!!Love the new cuts!

jag said...

SANDRA! They look GREAT! The haircuts, outfits, smiles, EVERYTHING! I have a BIG OLE smile on my face just from seeing this post!

RADstitches said...

All those smiles (and spiked hair) make my night! Thanks for finding the time to share them with us!

nicole_dib said...

Great pics! They all are sooo adorable :)

Andrea said...

I live with them and still can't believe they're so stinkin' cute when I see these posts. I'm so ready to spend the whole day with them tomorrow - just me and them and HN! PaePae needs some Muffin and Hannie lovin' without the parents in our way!

Misty said...


Jac Tubre said...

Awww, Punkarella we love you! Tell that mean ole momma to send you over here with me and Cull so we can squeeze you! Kidding, I'm sure you can be hell on wheels - keep that momma running baby girl!

Love the pictures and new doos! Emma is the only one to ever have had a haircut, but Cull is getting close to needing his ears lowered. Maybe this weekend?


King Quads said...

I love feets too!

Love those babies...give them all kisses!

King Quads said...

My Aunt made the head bands for them...I'll see if I can hook a quad sista up!

Love you guys...y'all!