Thursday, July 31, 2008

27 Weeks, 1 3/4 Days!! Big Update!!

Well, this last week has been CRAZY!! I apologize greatly for leaving everyone hanging for so long! It's just I have to be having a good day to Blog or you would all be sad and worried and that's definitely not what I want!

I'll start out with Sunday, the 27th...
Matt and Hannah Noelle were planning on leaving that afternoon after dinner from the hospital and the contractions started pretty heavy and I was pretty uncomfortable so they ended up spending the night again just in case. They gave me some different medicine which calmed everything down and I was good to go by morning time.

Monday, the 28th
The family stayed until lunch or so and then went home so I could rest. Had a good nap and then my brother (Stephen a/k/a Uncle Coach), sister-in-law (Kristy a/k/a K-Pae) and nephew (Jayce) came and brought me dinner. Took my meds and off to sleep I went. Actually, I slept really good, I guess I was gearing up for the next day.

Tuesday, the 29th
This morning started out really good, but I didn't feel well enough to take a shower, which should have told me something. Had weight assessments done on the babies and my cervical length measured and it was hanging in there around 3 (I say hanging around there because as this day progressed unless I had it written down, I don't remember it!) The weights were as follows: Man in Charge, Cannon - 2 pounds, 3 oz - The Hog, Gunner - 2 pounds, 8 oz - Little Bity Lauren - 1 pound, 15 oz - Sweet, Sweet Avery - 2 pounds, 2 oz. Grow Muffins Grow!!!!!! By 11:00 the contractions started pretty heavily. Mountain after mountain is what I believe the nurse said. They immediately started an IV and had the doctor come in and check me, but everything still looked good, so the plan was to take my 1:00 contraction medicine and go from there. By 2:00 I knew I was in for it! I called the nurse and told her the contractions were back, worse and longer. They hooked me up to the monitor and the contractions were one to two minutes long and one to two minutes apart. I was in MAJOR pain at this point. I called Matt who, of course, completely freaked out! He called his Mom (Phyllis a/k/a Nana) and asked if she could pick up Hannah Noelle from school so he could head over this way immediately. Before I knew anything had happened I was on a stretcher on my way down to L&D and I had no clue what was going on. I knew if there was a way to get everything stopped they would, but if not I knew where I was headed. They gave me a very heavy sedative upon admission to L&D and when Matt got here I'm not even really sure I knew my name! They changed my contraction medicine to the next strongest which still leaves us two more before we're at the highest! I was in and out pretty much all afternoon and in pain even with the sedation. My doctor's partner made a special trip over to check out the situation and scared us pretty good when I asked if I could eat and she said, well, give me a little while to think about it. You know where our heads went, she's trying to bide time so I'm in that 8 hour window of no food so I can have a c-section. At that point I think Matt was completely over the top stressed out more than he has ever been. I probably would have been too, but the drugs were stronger than my brain at that time. She did let me eat!!! Whew!! Then came another dose of the pain medicine through the IV and when I tell you it burns, it burns... how do people do that stuff for fun, I don't get it! I was out of it more than in and very, very uncomfortable, the contractions were just SO strong! It was like the point when you see the ladies on Baby Story yelling, where is the anesthesiologist, I want an epidural! I hurt from my back to my belly down to my legs and all the way back again. My uterus was as hard as a rock and pushing up against my ribs too, which was even more painful!! By 10:00 I was done for, the meds had me talking crazy, some stories Matt will have to tell, but basically I was done for!!!! Thanks to Matt's brother (Jeremy a/k/a Uncle Jeremy) for taking HN home with him and his three daughters and managed to get them all fed, bathed and to school the next morning all alone! GO JEREMY GO!!

Wednesday, the 30th
I woke up that morning and felt even more horrible than the day before. I didn't remember much from the night before except for the pain and was still rather groggy from the medicine. And anyone that knows me knows I speak my mind pretty good without meds, so when my nurse that day made a snide comment and I was still a little loopy, I probably responded a little too fast! Nothing ugly or of a foul way, just snipped back at her snippiness...Matt ducked his head and I knew that meant it was no good!! I knew then to just sit here and be still. By the time my doctor came that morning I was an emotional, mental, psychological wreck!! I was at the point I never wanted to be at, but I was ready to give up! He is such an awesome doctor he said EVERYTHING I needed to hear to pull me right back off the ledge. He said, you've been your own cheerleader long enough, quit being a hero and let everyone else be your cheerleaders!! He said I'll even make up a cheer, but I'm not putting on a skirt!! I stayed miserable until a little after lunch and the life just started coming back to me! I took a shower, still wasn't up to washing my hair, but took a shower. Everyone knows how that will make you feel better! By that afternoon I was almost back to normal and sent Matt on his way to pick up Hannah Noelle because I knew she had to be afraid because the day before was off her normal schedule and she really likes to know who's picking her up, where's she's going.... I felt pretty good that night except for the contractions which were still one to two minutes long and four to five minutes apart, but aren't affecting my cervix so it's just my uterus saying, hello, I've got over 8 pounds of baby in here, let me rest and my cervix is saying, no, no, it's four babies at 2 pounds something each and they need to stay in there! So, needless to say, Go Cervix Go, you win that battle! I can handle the pain of contractions until night fall and then I request pain medicine to help me sleep so I'm ready for the next day. Dr. Hole said he'd rather me stay hopped up on the pain meds 24/7 so I stay in a happy place and don't get discouraged, but I think being knocked out is what makes me discouraged so I battle through the days with a Tylenol or two! Oh yeah, did I mention I failed my 3 Hour Glucose test on Monday so I can't even have a Coke, I was drinking Caffeine Free Coke before, but I can't even have that! I have to have diet drinks, unsweet tea or Coke Zero... trust me it's not the same!!! This day was the first day I failed my finger prick two hours after eating and had to have Insulin. They blamed it mostly on the fact that the had given me a shot of steroids for the babies that morning and it could have affected the results.

Thursday, the 31st
I woke up in a very good mood, felt great, was ready to face the world! Matt was here by 8:00 and was here for the BPP's on the babies which all checked out great! Fluid is great, movement great and heart rates, great!! Yeah Babies!! My doctor came in shortly thereafter and was pleased to see I was in much better spirits! He informed me that at this point, it's day by day, not week by week anymore. We will be paying close attention to Lauren to make sure her weight continues to go up and that there are no problems there since she is the smallest. He said that could be one of the many reasons to deliver soon is that she needs to be out and have medical attention. At this point being 27 weeks, we as a family and team have decided that if she starts failing, get them all out, don't let her suffer inside. The second of many reasons would be that the contractions just get out of control and we have no other option because the cervix becomes affected. Next, we concentrate on Pre-Eclampsia which as of right now, I'm having no problems with. Today was the best day all in all that I've had since I've been in L&D, which is where I will stay until delivery so that we can do 24 hour contraction monitoring. I even took a shower and washed my hair!! Woo-Hoo!! My spirits are up and I'm pushing for next Wednesday, 28 weeks! Then I'll focus on 29, then 30. After that I'm not going to make any promises!! At this point, I need to focus on two weeks at a time. I'm in a rush now because it's almost med time and once that medicine hits my IV, I'm completely out of it in about 2 minutes!!

In summary, I can do this, I know I can!!! I need cheerleaders, leave your comments, they make me smile!!! Every day wake up and say, she did it, one more day the muffins are in the oven!!! Please don't ever take offense to not getting calls when things go bad, when things are bad the only thing we're concentrating on is my health and babies, not making sure that every else knows what's going on. Sometimes it's better that not everyone knows because then they don't worry, they're staying positive which is what we need during bad times. Pray very hard that the move down to L&D will be okay for Hannah Noelle, she's not allowed to spend the night here. She came and visited today and this room is much bigger and has way more things to get her in trouble. My sister will be in town this weekend which will make things easier for HN and myself! I love having my sissy around!! Every day is an accomplishment, I think I've said that a couple hundred times in my post, but it is! Stay positive for me, stay positive for my family and the babies!! When I hear the scared sound in your voice, it makes me scared. When I hear your happy and positive voice, I'm automatically happy and positive!!! You will never know how much each of you have grown to mean to me in the last few weeks. I couldn't have done it without you!!!! I'll try to never make my posts this long again, sorry!!! Love To You All ~ Sandra


Claire said...

Hey Sandra,

I am definitely thinking of you and your family, all the way down here in New Zealand.

Stay strong! You can do this! (see look, I can be a cheerleader too!)

I'll check back to see how you're doing, that's for sure.

Try to keep as positive as you can - those little dudes need some good vibes!


Emily said...

Everytime I read your blogs I cry! You got me an emotional mess! Not in a bad way, but in a touching, feel good kinda way. Well even though I hung my poms-poms up 10 years ago...I certainly don't mind bringing them out for you and your family. Just think, one day you will have lots of stories to tell these babies. You'll be able to guilt them into anything~hehe~ I'm happy to hear Andrea is coming home soon. I know I don't have to tell you this, but you are blessed to have a sister like her.(ya'll are blessed to have eachother) Trust me, I KNOW SISTERS! Keep up the good work and I hope your cervix hangs in there...(never thought I'd be saying that one ya!!) Oh, did I mention... I haven't the words to express how proud of you I am. You really are a special person and a wonderful mother. HN and the babies really hit the mommy jack-pot with you. It takes a special person to do what you are doing, and to have such a positive attitude through it all. You are a oak! BLESS YOU PATER
xoxo Emily

Tiffy's World said...

Sandra---You're doing awesome! We are so proud of you! I am praying for you!!! You can do it! I wouldn't look good in a cheerleading skirt, but know that you have people cheering you on----Stay strong! I know your excited about Andrea coming, enjoy your time with her, it won't be long till she is here for good! Yeah! Hang in there.
We love ya, The Lamey Family

Tubre Quads said...

Hey Sweetie! You are doing great! Sorry I didn't respond to your text, it has been crazy here, but I was grinning ear to ear...the weights are great! Moni & Billy Graf's only little girl in their quad bunch, Danna, weighed 1 lb 10 oz (same as her fiance, my little Tygerman) and she was born at 31 weeks to the day! She is stunningly beautiful, meeting her developmental milestones and rules the roost around there house. Lauren will do great - don't stress or worry - you are doing everything you can for her by resting in bed and keeping those little muffins baking! Call me when it is a good time for you - I never call because I don't want to wake you, but I want to talk about contraction meds and just hear your voice!

Love from Louisiana,

Tubre Quads said...

I mean their house...I hate when I type too fast :)

Damin, Summerlyn, & Rook Gwin said...

Hey Sandra!!! I'm glad you're still cooking those muffins :) I'll keep you, your family, those babies AND your cervix in my prayers, lol :) Grow Babies Grow! You're doing fabulous!! Stay strong!

Kel Tuf said...

Woo hoo, go Sandra and Babies! You have a whole team of cheerleaders at the center. We are glad you are doing well and keep those spirits high.


Andrea said...

I've told you before...but I'm so proud of you! For you to be turning your body over to those precious babies and doing absolutely everything you can for them to be healthy is a true sacifice. Mother's Day around your house will be an honest to goodness event! I love you and I'll see you tonight!
Eat Lauren Eat!!!

Margaret said...

Hang in there, hang in there! Wish I lived closer. I'd LOVE to be your OB nurse! ;)
I was taking care of twins last night, feeding (one with the bottle, the other via gavage feeding), changing their diapers, cleaning up their spit-up, burping, comforting, etc. and thought of you. Good thing you'll have Matt and Andrea! It's a ton of fun but lots of work. As I changed one dirty receiving blanket after another, and one burp rag after another, and one T-shirt after another (babies only spit-up after you have them and their linens freshly changed, you know), I realized how much laundry you're going to have. One friend/family member is going to have to be the designated laundry master!
Keep that cervix long and those babies well fed.
I love you, sweetie!
Aunt Margaret (and Uncle Mark, too)

KSDallas said...

I think U can...
I think U can...
I know U can...

You have run a great race and you are in the final laps. Don't get discouraged now. Wednesday will be here before you know it. Then the next Wednesday and the next one.

You are doing great - keep it up!

Mackenzie said...

Hi Mommy-Amazing,
I was so happy to see you had posted an update and after reading it I am soooo happy ya are all now doing ok. You really are an inspiration to us all not only as a mother but as a women!!!
Much Love,

Morgan said...

You can do it!

Anonymous said...


You are doing MARVELOUSLY! Keep up the good work housing 4 babies in your belly ~ you can do it! They will not be there much longer, and as they get older outside of your womb you will sometimes yearn for the days they were in there, as uncomfortable as you are, so cherish these days. :) You are an inspiration to pregnant women everywhere.

Praying for you,

tarismarie said...

You know we love and we are so proud of you!!! You are doing such an amazing job! I believe that the dear Lord could not have blessed those wonderful babies with better parents! You and Matt are amazing!! Always remember God will provide...and what he can't the Big Man (aka Pill up) will as proven by HN! :-) Your feast is on it's way!!!! Your bag is done too!! Way cute!!! Take care of yourself and those little angels!! Let me know if you need anything at all!!!!

Pam said...

Hey Sandra,

I am so PROUD of all of you!!! You are doing so good. Please know that we all are praying you through this. I just know that God is going to bless you with four healthy babies. You deserve every bit of happiness. Trust me I know I was never pregnant with four but I did live in the hospital and L&D almost the whole time. Again if you need anything please let me know I am finally going to make a trip up there to see everyone since they keep emailing me. lol So I would be more than happy to bring you whatever you need or just would like. Well rest well and keep you head held high!!!
Love and prayers~Sissy

Dawn said...

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt
One of my favorite quotes. You can do this.


Margaret said...

Yesterday (Saturday) I felt so prompted to pray for you, over and over again, so I did. It started when I woke up at 4 in the afternoon (from nightshift) and just kept praying.
I prayed for all 7 of you and then extended family, and then started all over again!
It'll be fun to go to Sunday School today and have the ladies ask about my niece and her babies 'cuz I know that means they're praying.
So, being covered in prayer, I'm confident that God has His hands on you and your babies. He's the best caregiver/nurse/doctor I've ever met! This is from recent experience with our Amie (Ryan's wife) who is doing great now. The drain and PICC line have been out for over a month now and all looks well. We're so thankful! It was a long three months (two surgeries--one in Maryland and one in Idaho, then three more hospital stays and weeks of home health. I was able to spend part of the visit with her in June when she flew back to Maryland again, this time for another 2 1/2 weeks--that's when they took out the line/drain. She's gaining weight and regaining her color and her strength and growing back more hair (a BUNCH fell out because of not being allowed to have any fats) and is doing so well.
I need to get going to church. Then we leave for vacation in the morning. We're going to Lake Tahoe for a couple of nights, then Boise for four nights which will include white water rafting to celebrate our 29th anniversary and watching Ryan attempt a triathlon on the 9th which is also Aunt Claire's 60th. The next day a girlfriend and I are meeting Aunt Claire in Las Vegas for a couple of nights to celebrate her milestone. Sounds like fun!
I'll keep thinking of you and praying for you. Maybe Andrea or Matt could keep the blog updated if you can't?
We love you, honey.
Aunt Margaret and Uncle Mark

sharon said...

This blog is wonderful. I am very glad that you have sooo many cheerleaders! I really enjoyed my visit Thursday; I needed to get out of the house. Glad to meet Matt. He is such a great dad. :)

Rest in the idea that you are doing all that you can for your little muffins and when your body can't do any more then the doctors and nurses will take over. They are and will be perfect!

I can't wait until my peas can play with your muffins!


Mrs. J said...


Stay strong woman!!! You can do this. I'm glad that you and the babies are doing good, you know they are just getting you ready for times to come when they are out and ready to test their boundaries. We have all been saying prayers for all of ya'll especially em. She wants to know why HN gets 4 babies and all she has is a dog. Hahaha out of the mouths of babes. Hang in there, you can do this. We'll all be here when you need us. Love ya - The Johnsons

Brandi Hamilton said...


First let me start out by saying that you are a wonderful writer. I love reading your stories. Second of all - I am so excited for you! You are doing such a great job. I am so happy for you! I wonder what Hannah Noel will think of all those little babies! I read your blog often to stay updated on your progress. I've even added the site to my internet favorites! Stay strong for the babies - you can do it, I know you can! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated!

Brandi Hamilton

Gatlin's Grandmama said...

I am praying for you, each of the babies, Matt and HN. Up here in Missouri it is sure nice to read about people "down home". God is so good and He knows who to give Quads to. You are absolutely AMAZING.
Libby Chi in KCMO