Wednesday, July 23, 2008

26 Weeks, Here For The Long Haul!!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for leaving comments, they all brighten my day! Especially the ones that say I look good for having four babies! I feel massive!!

Secondly, I started having contractions last night around 9:00 that were different than the normal ones I had been having. It was time to do my nightly monitoring, but I took my contraction medicine and waited an hour hoping the contractions would slow down. I started monitoring around 10 and when I got done I already knew I had failed. I've gotten pretty good at knowing which ones are actual contractions and which ones are just uterine irratibility. My home monitoring company called me back to let me know I had 8 contractions, needed to drink tons of water and retest in 30 minutes. I started monitoring again and knew where I was headed. Hannah Noelle was sound asleep so I text my brother to put him on standby to meet us if we had to head to the hospital. When Matria called back I was a little shocked to hear I had 11 contractions and needed to be getting ready to head in to USA. 10 minutes later the doctor on call called me at home and told me to come on in.

Leaving home was especially painful! I laid in the bed for 10 minutes after I got off the phone with the doctor knowing it was the last time I would be in that bed pregnant. Then, telling my sweet baby goodbye was like ripping my heart out! We woke her up enough so that she wouldn't be scared in the morning when she woke up at her Uncle Coach's house. She was groggy, but definitely didn't want me going back to the hospital. When we pulled up at the Chevron to meet my brother I lost it, but didn't want her to see me so I just ducked my head and said I Love You, Bye in the strongest voice I could pull together. I'm crying typing this even though she's sitting two feet from me!

When we pulled up at the hospital I was expecting an hour of waiting, sitting in the screening room for three or four hours and then either getting to go home or being admitted to L&D. Well, we walked in and were immediately admitted and whisked away to L&D. Within 30 minutes I had an IV, that she had to do twice because "I can't believe I did that." That's what she said when she stuck me and then yanked it back out. At this point my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart and excruciating. I mean, the mother of all contractions!! They were killing me!! After numerous meetings with nurses and the resident on call we still weren't sure what was going to happen. The ultrasound tech came in around 10 and checked on all the babies and they all looked great. She also measured my cervical length and it had shortened to 2.7. At that point I figured I would be here for a while, but I wanted to talk to MY doctor. I knew he was leaving for vacation on Thursday and wouldn't return until Monday so I was determined to see him before he left. He came in around noon with lots of information. If I haven't told you I LOVE HIM!!! He is just awesome! After about 25 minutes of talking I managed to ask the fateful question, "Am I going to be here until I deliver." Without hesitation he said, yes, ma'am, you will be. At this point you are 26 weeks with a cervical length below 3.0, which is prefectly fine, especially with quads, your contractions are now painful and closer together and all in all you and the babies are safer here. He said he has no doubt we will make it at the minimum two more weeks because there are so many more medicines we can use. Again, he told me everything could change on a dime. We're still pushing for 30-32 weeks, but for right now we're focussing on 28 weeks. I took the news well, I knew it was inevitable!

As of right now the contractions are better under control, still a good bit painful though. My old room that I lived in for 4 weeks, 2 days was taken, but they put me in the next best room and told me they would move me as soon as that patient left. Well, I actually like my new room better. The view is not the best, but it's at the end of the hall so I'm not so close to the nurses' station which means midnight laughter won't wake me! Also, there is no one behind me so I don't hear them paging the nurse, etc.

Matt went home and grabbed all the bags, we left them packed when we went home last Monday and picked Hannah Noelle up from Uncle Coach's and they have been here since. They are going to stay the night tonight and go home at some point tomorrow. I want her to go to school Friday because it's pajama day and she loves wearing her jammies to school!! I'll miss her open house for preschool, her first day of preschool and several other things in the next few weeks, but the good thing is she's got an awesome daddy that will be there with bells on!! Andrea is coming into town next weekend so she will make sure there are two special outfits laid out for HN to wear to those two big days!

All in all, I can't complain! I had 8 nights at home, longer than I thought when I went home last Monday, but still painfully short! The longer I'm here though, the less time Cannon, Gunner, Lauren and Avery will be here in the NICU by themselves. HN understands that I'll be here for a while and that when I come home there won't be babies in my belly anymore. She's excited about wearing her "duck mask" so she can go in the NICU and hug the babies. I'm not sure how she'll react once she realizes she can't hold them, but that's one of the many bridges we'll cross when the time comes!

Please continue to pray for the babies and myself, Matt and Hannah Noelle. Pray that I make it to at least 30 weeks. Pray for safe travels for everyone going and coming back and forth to Mobile to visit. Pray that we hit the jackpot and can afford gas and food for the next 4 or so weeks that I'm here! (Really, God took care of us before as far as that was concerned and I have all faith that He will take care of us again.) Thanks for everything, Love to All - Sandra


pamper said...

You are amazing! The video is great of the family -- and you look wonderful. You and your family are in our prayers, as well as the medical staff who are attending to you. Take care!

Emily said...

Sandra~ I'm sorry to hear you are back in the hospital, but you got the right attitude about what is best for everyone. I'm praying for ya'll like crazy! Your pictures are GREAT! I can't get over how good you look~really, I was a blob with just one! How cute is HN with her head under your belly! I'm gonna try to come see you after school is out (30th). If your not up for company...please let me know. Take care and keep up the good work cabbage patch~hehe.....xoxo Emily

Andrea said...

I wish I was already there and able to help - but Matt is awesome and he takes such good care of you and HN! If anybody can do another tour of duty in the hospital - it's you! We'll just text like fools to make sure you don't get too bored!!
Love you!

Pam said...

Sandra~just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing so good!!! I love your pics. If anybody knows how it feels to be in the hospital for a long period of time it is me. The nurses on the third floor and even in the nicu have really become second family to us. They were so wonderful to me and Jacob. I pray all the time for you and your family and just know that there are tons of prayers going up for yall daily. Please if you need anything let me know patty has my number. I dont work so I can run around for you or just whatever you need. Keep up the good work and also I talk to Dr. Baker and Porter still they said you are doing wonderful!!! So that is something for Dr. Porter to have her approval. lol she is so tough but they are my lifesavers. If you have any questions for me I will do my best to answer. Love ya girl and also thanks so much for holding my angel I am so glad that you were ab le too!!


jmartin0308 said...

Wow, sounds like you had an exhausting and emotional night. I'm so glad you got a little time at home with HN and Matt before being completely restricted to the hospital. You, your family, and the medical staff will be in our prayers. Take care, rest, and help those babies GROW.

Jessica, Tim, and Hunter

Leasa said...

The video is great. you look FANTASTIC!!! I am praying for you and your family as well as all the staff at USA. They were awesome when we stayed there and took great care of me and my lil Zachary! If you need anything please let me know!

Erin H said...

Sandra, Im so sorry to hear that yall are back in the hospital. Your faith and how strong yall have been throughout this is amazing! I just loved the pictures, what an adorable big sis HN is. And you look great! Anyways yall are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I will see you soon! - Erin

Mackenzie said...

I'm soooo glad you have this site so I can keep up with how ya are doing!!!
The pictures are GREAT and you look AWESOME!!!!
I can't wait to meet the precious babies but I pray that it is later then sooner!
Much love,
Nick, Mack & Gatlin Chichester

tarismarie said...

Um...yeah, I cried reading that post. I aboslutely love the pictures!! They are fabulous! You are doing absolutely wonderful! I am so proud of you!!! Good job sister! Keep it up!! Let me know if you need me!! Much love!!!

kesha bean said...

Hey girl

I hate to hear you are back in the hospital, but you are in the best place for you and those 4 babies. Look what they did for my little man. A year ago he was so tiny and was there for 51 days and now he is in to everything and being put in time out. Lord help me with this premature strong will attitude. I am praying for you and your family. I have some more preemie things if you want them. I will be across the street from you at the developmental clinic with Kyler on August 6 , if you feel like company. Let me know. Take care.



Kim Green said...

Sandra - WOW..WOW..I'm sitting here with tears running down my face as I "try" and type this. You are an amazing person Sandra Pater Cochran!!! Truly! This world is very lucky to have people like you, Matt and Hannah Noelle. I feel blessed that you and your family live here and that we know you. You and the babies as well as Matt and HN are in our prayers. If you need ANYTHING call me!!!!

Just for the record - YOU LOOK AMAZING!

emilyhardin said...

Dear Sandra,

Today was the first time I heard about your blog...I have sat and read the entire thing, and now I can't stop crying. I am so incredibly proud of you. You are an amazing and beautiful woman. I so wish we lived closer to you guys. Please know we are praying for you and love you like crazy. You really do look so always! And by the way, that song will never be the same. What a perfect song choice; I laughed out loud through the tears. So proud of y'all!

<>< emily hardin (for van & em)

wenamae said...

Wow! Love the belly shots! You look great and healthy for those babies. Hope all stay in there...Praying for ya.

Natalie said...

So glad you told me about this. I could have been coming here for info instead of blowing your phone up constantly. Garner was born at 32 weeks, and I can remember how scarey that whole experience was. You look amazing, and Hannah Noelle is precious!! Matt isn't so bad, either, hehe. I would love to come see you. Let me know if you're up for company.

Margaret said...

So-O-O-O- proud of you! The video is awesome with the perfect music ;). We love you and continue to pray for you,
Aunt Margaret and Uncle Mark

Margaret said...

SO-O-O proud of you!
Love and prayers,
Aunt Margaret

Danielle said...

I am so jealous at how you look with 4 babies! I promise you I know I was bigger with just one tot! You seem to be doing awesome! If you need anything, just let me know! As always, you and everyone around you are in my prayers! Love Ya!! (This may be a dupilcate, but I'm not sure if the first went through!)

joannepeterson said...

Hi Sandra! Mom told us about your blog, and I'm so glad we can follow along with how you and the babies are doing. You look wonderful in the pictures! (And I love Hannah Noelle's hair!)
David and I are keeping you in our prayers.
Joanne (& David)