Thursday, August 7, 2008

28 Weeks, 1 Day!!! Same Ole, Same Ole!!

Well, guys, I'm still hanging in here! Yesterday was a huge day as I hit 28 weeks! If you would have asked me last week if I would still be pregnant this week, I would have said HECK NO!! My spirits were down and I was just all in all over it! My sissy came to the rescue when she arrived on Friday and brightened everything. I think I only had one bad day the whole time she was here. I'm ready for September when she moves here and can keep me on the up and up every day! Not promising that I'll still be pregnant, that would be 32 weeks and, well, I just don't see that happening!! I get my IV changed out every three days, don't really know why that's necessary if there is nothing wrong with that specific site, but what do I know. I'm running out of available veins though! I think I got stuck a total of 10 times today! Fun, Fun!!! I got moved out of L&D yesterday because there were too many deliveries downstairs and they needed my room and I was stable enough to move back to Good Ole Room 335. My doctor posted a sign on the door for no one to come in my room from 8 pm to 7 am. Isn't he awesome!!! Of course, the nurse has to come in at 9 and give me my sleepy time medicine and my Heparin shot and then she taps me at 1 and 5 so I can take my contraction medicine. The sleepy medicine allows me to just roll back over and go back to sleep. Oh, excuse me, did I say roll back over. It's more of a lunging throw my belly over, adjust my hips to a certain point then realize, oh, crap, I've got to go to the bathroom. And, with that medicine, I can't even walk to the potty by myself! Saying that, I need to send another shout out to my sissy and husband for waking up and walking me to the bathroom! The best part about moving back upstairs was Hannah Noelle got to spend the night with me last night. Bad part of that was I didn't do real good on my 8:00 contraction monitoring so they gave me all my meds early including the sleepy med (Nubain and Phenergan)(I'm sure I just massacred the spelling of those meds) early so that it would maybe relax the muscles and I would quit contracting. Within five minutes of the meds I'm out, I mean, talking crazy, out. I remember her saying, mommy, hey, look at this and trying with all my might to open my eyes, it just wasn't possible!! Anyway..... the babies all still look great, we're continuing to monitor their fluid levels and growth. We will have new estimated growth weights next Tuesday! I promise I will post more often, it's just rough the later in the pregnancy we go. Oh, and after the babies are born, you can blame Andrea if you don't get updates! I taught her how to login and Blog for me so that you will all have the news ASAP. Again, please continue to pray and Love to you all!!


amywellsrowell said...

You are doing great just keep hanging in there. Best of luck to all of you. I know you can do it.

Dawn said...

You know I am thinking of you. Hope to see you soon!


Andria said...

Way to hang in there!

Mackenzie said...

You know you can do this Sandra!
You are one of the most hard-headed and determined girls I know and I am pretty hard-headed myself so I know one when I see one. So when we set our sites, heart and head on something we do it and do it well and you are blowing this one out of the park!!
I tried to think of a cheer from our high school days that would work and all I came up with is below and not right for this occasion but funny so I hope it helps lift your spirits! And when you get down just recite this over and over in your head!

Pork Chop, Pork Chop!
Greasy, Greasy!
We bet Goula!
Easy, Easy!

Much Love.
Mack Chi

KSDallas said...

Congrats on 28 weeks! That is a huge milestone. Every day from here on out is just that much better for the babies. Keep your spirits up - you can do it!

tarismarie said...

Good job girlie!!! You have hit one of your biggest milestones!!! I am SO, SO proud of you!! You are doing such a fantastic job!!! I have told everyone at work about you and they are so proud of you too!! Know you have people everywhere who are praying for you and who are so proud of you!!!! You are such a great mommy...second to mine of course! :-) Let me know if there is anything you need!!! I love you girlfriend!!!!

Kel Tuf said...

Way To Go! Thinking of you everyday! Keep those spirits up.


Gina said...

Wow! Finally had enough time to read for a little while! I know I have said it before, but I have to say it are an amazing young lady! I am in awe of your strength and determination! Hannah Noelle, Cannon, Gunner, Lauren and Avery are very, very blessed to have such an incredible mother as you! Not to mention an amazing daddy in Matt! You all are always on my mind. Stay Strong! Hollister is crying "free" time is up! Love to you all! Gina

Misty said...

COngratulations on getting to 28weeks! THat is awesome! I know what an accomplishment that is! I had my quads at 30weeks exactly and I knwo the relief I felt when I got to 28weeks. You are doing great! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or just need a "pick-me-up".
gggg quads 21months