Sunday, March 7, 2010

You’re Beautiful

At least once a day if not 5 million times a day I tell each and every one of my children how precious and beautiful they are.  I have no doubt in my mind that they will grow up with the self confidence they need to succeed in wherever life takes them.  Last year during Pageant Time, which is a HUGE thing in our community, Hannah Noelle started asking to be in the pageant.  We did one last year that was a church dress style pageant and she loved it! Every contestant won a trophy and she was so pleased to get the trophy for Prettiest Smile. 
As Pageant Season rolled back around Hannah Noelle said, mommy, I want to be in a pageant with a fancy pageant dress.  After a great opportunity fell in our laps to purchase a pageant dress at an absolutely awesome price I said, OKAY, we’ll do it, but with two rules.  Number 1 rule, HAVE FUN.  Number 2 rule, never let the smile leave your face, win or lose, you’re beautiful! The Little Miss Gulf Coast pageant was this weekend and it had one rule that I was a big fan of, No Makeup! Yay!! She could dress up, look fancy, but I didn’t have to stress with putting makeup on her!DH-10002Special thanks to “my neighbors” Denise and Deanna
for doing her hair and nails!
Mrs. Neese and Mrs. Nana know what they’re doing, Mama!DL000010  Mommy and Pae-Pae with our Beauty Queen!DL000004She was shocked and SO excited to get Second Alternate!
After she got her trophy she said, yay, can we go eat now?
DH000002It was very ironic that we matched, I did not plan it, but when we got there I was informed I had to walk her on stage.  I was so relieved I had actually washed my hair and worn
non-wrinkled clothes!  DL-10004Hannah Noelle and her (in her words) Fan Club!
Jadyn, Tori, Anna and Abby!
Of course mommy of the year here, I forgot my camera! 
Again, special thanks to Deanna for taking pictures and coming down my driveway to bring me the picture CD!
I owe you a car wash!!!


The Murray Crew said...

I love that your children will grow up knowing what true beauty is! Something you exhibit so well inside and out!


Gen McNulty said...

you are beautiful in EVERY SINGLE WAY.. soo have that song stuck in my head!!

you are one amazing mama and beautiful person both inside and out. i thank God for you in my life every day.

HN.. those pics of your BEAUTIFUL smile melt my heart!! you go girl!


Stephanie said...

Your children are all beautiful and deserve to be called that everyday!!
You are such a wonderful person to bring that out in them!
You are beautiful yourself!! :)
Congrats on 2nd alternate! She sure deserved it!

Kimberly & Alex said...

Congrats HN! you sure are beautiful

Charity Donovan said...

LOVE it & love you! HN is is such a little doll! I just adore that little grin!!! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

OMG, she is stunning. And there is no question where she gets her natural beauty (and her smart whit).
HN we are so proud of you! Can i be in the fan club?
Love you Sandra!!!

jag said...

She is so so so BEAUTIFUL! And, so are you Miss Thang! Aqua is great on both of you!

King Quads said...

HN is beautiful, you are beautiful, your babies are all beautiful. There's a whole lotta beautiful going on in that house - inside and out.

I vote you for the prettiest smile.

Following HIM said...

An amazing post! HN is a beautiful princess and has one beautiful mama to go with her where she goes!

Love ya sweet mama!

Lauren said...

She is beautiful, and what a fun experience for her! You gave her the best advice too.

Jennie said...

So precious! She is beautiful and your post was too! Each of our kids deserve to feel so special!

Suzanne said...

HN- you are SOOOO dern beautiful! glad you had so much fun! miss red- you are a wonderful mommy. i heart you.


Anonymous said...

OH, Hannah Noelle looked absolutely beautiful! But she always does! However, she really looks like Andrea to me! Especially with her hair fixed like that! I think you and Andrea look a lot alike but she really looks like Andrea! I'm proud of HN! She did great! And you did and do too!


Hilary said...

How fun!! She's such a cutie :)