Monday, February 22, 2010

What Had Happened Was….

On Monday and sometimes on Tuesday I have to load the Fab 4 up and go pick Hannah Noelle up from preschool.  I have been very fortunate to have help on Thursday and Friday that help with lunch and then I go get Hannah Noelle while they get the babies down for nap.  Wednesday is her “stay day” at preschool where she stays all day so that she can go home with a friend of mine and her daughter so she can go to choir.  Well, today while I was getting the clothes out and ready for the babies to get dressed to go get Sissy I heard a thud, then nothing, so I assumed nothing was wrong. A few minutes later I hear Avery and Gunner crying so I run to Avery’s rescue.  I again assumed Gunner had bitten Avery, which is a common occurrence around our house! When I arrived to Avery, I found her looking like this……..


Doesn’t look too bad; right?
Well, the more we sat there the more I realized it was getting worse, was bruising more and every time I tried to touch it she grimaced BIG TIME! So, I made a few calls, had a friend meet me to get another Mom opinion and we determined a trip to the doctor was necessary.
I picked up Hannah Noelle and headed to Pascagoula.  Matt met me there to sit in the van with the Cannon, Gunner, Lauren and Hannah Noelle and Pae-Pae also came and met me to be my support.  After explaining to the doctor that I wasn’t 100 percent sure what happened, but that I assumed (using that word A LOT today) that she had climbed on the arm of the couch and Gunner (yes, he gets blamed for everything and if you saw him in action you would understand) pushed her off onto this chair….
Chair   Since we weren’t really sure if she lost consciousness since I had heard the thud, followed by no screaming, then screaming minutes later, my doctor felt a CT Scan was necessary.  I immediately started feeling even more horrible than I did before.  I, however, have one of the best doctors on the planet and she began to reassure me that things happen, it will happen 1,000 more times, that with one 18 month old accidents happen and with 4, it’s going to happen even more! The CT Scan was done, she was such a trooper, and it was determined she was just fine! WHEW!
This is what she looks like tonight!  IMGP4382In the midst of my already HORRIBLE, yet blessed day (trying to stay positive) nap time was going great, the babies were super tired and super quiet during nap time.  When I entered the boys room, this is what I found….IMGP4383Gunner had climbed out of his crib and emptied several drawers, taken all of the diapers off of the changing table and obviously tried on a few shoes!! The best part is when I entered the room, he was sleeping on the floor!!


Paula71 said...

Awww. Poor girl :( Boys can be rough.

Room Wreckin is hard work.

jag said...

Oh, honey! What a rough, but blessed day! Love you and hope tomorrow is low key!

King Quads said...

Gunner Gunner Gunner...waht are we going to do with you? Keep it up little man, we all have fun at your Mommy's expense :)

And little miss...poor baby girl.

love you

Charity Donovan said...

Don't you just love their crazy adventures?!?! Man, I hope she heals quickly...poor thing! Crackin' me up with the silent naptime mess monster...HILARIOUS!!!! Love you!

Delicia Presley said...

Your stories crack me up.......not that I am happy that one of yor babies were hurt......but sometimes you just have to smile and the things they do!!!

Kimberly & Alex said...

Oh Avery, I hope you heal quickly! And momma, you are doing an awesome job! just out numbered. lol

Stephanie said...

Poor little Avery! SO glad to hear everything was ok though!!
I sure get a kick out of your stories..even if they are making you go crazy!!
As a mom of a 7 year old boy, I can say, it does get better! lol

The McNulty Family said...

you are such a great mommy. things DO happen and they will continue to happen. if anyone tells you otherwise they are full crap!

i love you so much and i'm so glad all are okay.

gunner can come live with me anytime. with my four climbers he would fit right in!! ship him to cali girl! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know how I missed this post but I'm glad Avery is ok! And Gunner, he is a mess isn't he! Wish I could tell you it will get better, but it sounds like he is 100% boy! I have one of those! Glad everyone is ok!