Saturday, February 20, 2010

How High Can You Count?

If you look really close, you should see 13 smiling….. well, 13 faces!!! We had an awesome trip to Baton Rouge and spent the night with the Tubre Quads and they’re rocking momma, Jac.  Then today the gorgeous Kami Lambe, and her quads came over to play! I have tons more pictures to upload, just need to upload on energy a/k/a sleep first!IMGP4374

Gunner, Cannon, Rocco, Jagger, Hannah Noelle, Madden, Avery, Emma, Lauren, Cullen, Abbey, Sloan and Tyger
I’m pretty sure I mislabeled the 3 identical Lambe Boys’, but I made the picture black and white and my cheat sheet had the color of their socks on it! :)


Tiffany said...

bless your sweet get some rest!!!

Beth said...

Wow! What a picture! I'm sure your weekend was a blast. Worth the stress of packing and traveling. Glad you all survived the trip!

Suzanne said...

freaking awesome. seriously- one of the coolest pics i have EVER seen!!!! hope you ladies had a fantabulous time!!! love you, red!

Moni Graf said...

You ARE the MOMMA! So jealous but happy you had a good time and made it home safe and sound (although the "sound" part is debateable).

Excited to see the rest of the pics and hear about the chaos!


Lauren said...

UNBELIEVABLE! What fun that must have been!