Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Red, White and…. School?

We’ve had LOTS going on around here! I hate that I don’t have time to blog about it right now because we are still in Party Planning mode.  I uploaded a pile of pictures though! Hope you enjoy them!
Red Popsicles11Months7Lauren11Months1Avery11Months2Avery
11Months4Cannon11Months5Cannon 11Months6Gunner
White Whip Cream11Months3Cannon11Months8Avery11Months9It won’t come to me, so I’ll go to it!
11Months11Cannon11Months13Gunner11Months14Gunner11Months15Lauren11Months16Avery 11Months17Gunner
11Months18Avery 11Months19Lauren11Months21Hannah Noelle11Months24Hannah Noelle
And what better way to clean them and have a little fun!
We put mats outside and let them play in the water hose!
They, however, HATED it!!
We ended up carting them in to the bathtub!!
11Months29Lauren11Months25Lauren11Months26Avery11Months27Cannon and Lauren11Months28Gunner
Red Jell-O
Another Day, Another Mess!
IMGP3103The Crew!IMGP3104LaurenIMGP3105AveryIMGP3106CannonIMGP3107 GunnerIMGP3111The CrewIMGP3112GunnerIMGP3113LaurenIMGP3125Gunner IMGP3126The “easy” way to eat!
This year has been a Big Year for Hannah Noelle
She started 4 Year Old Pre-School!
She was very excited to start, yet very apprehensive!
She was very nervous at Open House, but rocked out the first day!
She’s been in daycare at the same school since she was 9 months old until last May so she thinks it’s SO special that she only has to go until 11:30.  She reminds me every day, don’t forget to pick me up before lunch!
Clowning around!11Months33Look @ that pose!!
Open House11Months37Sweet-a Pete-a 11Months44At her seat!11Months50She was SO embarrassed that I wanted to take pictures!
First Day!11Months53Hannah Noelle and Mrs. Amanda


Anonymous said...

They are all sooooo darling and even cuter in person. I enjoyed the visit Friday and hope to see you all again soon.
DeeDee Aucoin

Following HIM said...

Okay...I have to say it! I love HN's first day outfit. It is just bursting out with her personality. Way to go for the first day too :)

The Muffins just melt my heart with every smile or tear. Them licking the whip cream and jello is CLASSIC!!! I love it! Seriously...they did not like climbing all over the mats they life that soon :)

Stephanie said...

Great post!!
She looks beautiful and all ready for school!!
I love the pics of the kids eating all the goodies!!

Suzanne said...

HN! sniff, sniff---all of your "adopted" quad moms love you like our own! can't believe you are already in precious, sassy, big girl! love you! and sandra, woman--if joe saw that table and that mess--he would have a heart attack...a BIG one! lol. i love you and your carefree self, my foxy little red head!

The McNulty Family said...

SO much sweetness I don't even know where to begin. That HN makes me smile every time... love that girl. America's next top model anyone??

AND.. those four little bundles of LOVE... what can I say.. they just melt my heart. Tell them to STOP GROWING UP so darn fast!!!

I love you!

jag said...

You are a brave mama with all that red self serve food! I need to take some ques from you I think! Meal time looks way more fun at your place! Congrats to HN on going to school! What an exciting time!

Love ya,

Renee' said...

What cute pictures you have posted but I must say I really LOVED the ones where they ate the whipped cream....can they get any cuter than that?? Congratulations to Hannah Noelle for starting Pre-K..I love love love the outfit she had on at open house. She is such a beautiful girl!!

Matt said...

Wow what a pleasant surprise..I just dropped in to check the blog and what do I find? My beautiful wife has put up a new set of pictures and totally made the start of my day a wonderful surprise..Thanks so much for the hard work you do day in and day out..You are the best wife a guy could have and there is no better mother in the world...Thanks for all you do, but most importantly, thanks for being you..I love you

Charity Donovan said...

LOVE it!!! They are too cute all covered in goodies! So fun! OMG HN all dressed up for Open House & her first day! THAT girl WILL be my DIL one day!!!!! Aidan just came over and said (I kid you not!) "She's cute & I like her pants! Who is she?!?!?" LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMG HN LOOKS SO GROWN UP!!! Almost as grown up as she talks :)
The kiddos look so grown up too!!! Great idea with the mats outside. LOVE YOU!

A Family Completed... said...

Gosh your children are all adorable! I love Hannah Noelle's pictures from open house. That outfit is adorable! I'm having a Big Birthday/ Back 2 School Bash on my blog you should come by and check it out!