Saturday, June 6, 2009

Then versus Now

This excerpt is from my June 29, 2008 post.
I can give my assessment of what I think their personalities will be:
Baby A: Cannon Gregory - laid back, not much bothers him, but when he wants to be recognized, he will sure put on a show!!!
Baby B: Gunner Cole - wild and crazy!! fights with his sister, Lauren, non stop!
Baby C: Lauren Katherine (I think that's how we're spelling it) - beyond wild and crazy!! she is up more than she's asleep!
Baby D: Avery Caroline - sweet, sweet! She's so laid back and quiet, rarely makes me uncomfortable!!!

Now, here is my 9 1/2 month assessment of personalities:
Cannon Gregory: Mommy's boy! The above was a pretty true assessment, he is fairly laid back, a good bit bothers him and he can will put on a show!
Gunner Cole: Very Very loving!!! The above is SO wrong!! He is the one that will wipe away his brother and sister's tears and be the first to laugh at their jokes!
Lauren Kathryn: Another thing I got wrong with her was the spelling of her name. You can look at 20 different posts and it's spelled differently each time! I spelled it just like my Grandma Kay spelled hers, but every time I go to write it I second guess myself! Her assessment was SO wrong! She loves, loves her sleep and is BY FAR the best baby!

Avery Caroline: After reading this assessment I again for the 100th time question whether or not Avery was actually Baby C and Lauren was Baby D. The only thing that holds me to the fact that they were delivered in the correct order is the 4D ultrasound we had done at 20 something weeks. Lauren was the only one we got a face shot of and she looked identical to HN's 3D and to this day Lauren resembles HN the most! Avery is the leader of the crew!! She's always the first to do something, try something, test the boundaries! We're going to be in for it with her!!
All 4 are official crawlers now. Cannon and Lauren actually crawl on knees and hands where with Avery and Gunner it's elbows and bellies. They can make some ground like that though! Everyone but Gunner can pull up on everything and cruise their way around it! Gunner has a little big disadvantage with his weight. Most of the toys that the others pull up on just flip over when Gunner goes to use them for support! It's HILARIOUS! They love the couch and getting anything off of it that is within arms reach! We are counting down the days before we move in the house for many reasons, but also because Avery and Cannon will stand up in their beds and pull things off the counter into their cribs!!
The 100th post keeps getting better and better! I'm hoping to have 10 giveaways for that post, right now I'm at 8. Everyone needs to make sure they can comment (several people have said they have trouble) now so that when the 100 hour countdown starts for entry to the giveaways they get entered. If you have trouble commenting, e-mail me, Facebook me, something and let me know!! Some giveaways are geared towards readers with children and some are not, so everyone should see something worth entering for!! Can you tell I'm excited?
Well, Hannah Noelle is at a friends for a slumber party, the babies are all asleep, I think I'm fixing to grab a good movie and call it a night!!!

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jag said...

SUCH a cool post! I love that you posted previously about what you thought they would be like on the outside! Wish I had done that! I was reading them and I'm like, "um, okay, I can see it..." Then, I got to Avery's and I just about fell on the floor laughing. NOTHING like you predicted, right?! Too funny. Anyway, I just love reading up on those little muffins (well, there's the one GIANT muffin - BTW, Cash's weight gives him some gross motor issues too). Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Multiples and More and I have been loving catching up on your archives. My two babies keep me so busy, I have NO idea how you do it! You are def. on my list of hero's! Your kiddos are too cute, I love the pics! Keep the adorable posts coming!

Jenny said...

such a CUTE post Sandra!!:) love it! i also have a "chunk o' love" as we call him--Ben. He had the same problems when he was younger....just wait...hehe.:) anyway. Love you girl and can't wait for you to be able to settle into the house soon!:)

Jen B

Stephanie said...

How neat to look back and see what you posted in the past! Thank goodness for blogging right?!?! lol
Cute post!

Misty said...

I love this post! How awesome to compare. LOVE IT

(and I super excited to knwo what the giveaways are!!!)


Anonymous said...

Cute post!!! So did HN end up staying all night at the slumber party?


Tiffy's World said...

Wow Sandra, awesome blog with the reflections to a year ago. It's cool to see what God has done. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Funny how their personalities change so quick. We had, well still have issues with Jade's weight causing her problems. The girl still can't walk straight!!! They are so cute though with all that meat on their bones!!!

Holley Perkins

Charity Donovan said...

The comparisons are HILARIOUS! Love it!!!! I love the spelling of the name thing - so funny!!!! I could just hear you saying it in your little Sandra you girl!!!!

Kimberly & Alex said...

I too love the persoanlity comparison, how funny. I wonder if mine will be anything like how I think of them now. Also can't wait for the 100th post!