Sunday, June 29, 2008

My 6th Wedding Anniversary!! 22 wks, 4 days

Matt and Sandra Hannah Noelle
Well, today makes 6 years for Matt and I and we are spending it at the hospital! Hannah Noelle went home with her Uncle Coach (my brother, Stephen) Aunt K-Pae (my sister-in-law, Kristy) and my nephew, Jayce. Today was a very rough day! Aunt Pae-Pae (my sister, Andrea) was here for a visit from Houston and today was the day she went home. Hannah Noelle (HN) needed a nap really bad and (shhh!) I think her dad may have given her a little too much Zyrtec! He's trying really hard to do everything just like mommy and for the most part, he's doing a jam up job! He even fixed her hair all by himself today!! Anyway, when the word airport was spoken, HN went NUTS! I mean, beyond NUTS!! I thought the psychiatric doctor was about to walk through the door any minute!! "I don't want my Pae-Pae to leave, I just want her to stay here." She was crying, Andrea was crying, I was crying, it was just horrible!!! She fell asleep as soon as they got in the car and didn't even have to say the dreaded goodbye at the airport! Whew!!! Matt and I then settled in to my lovely hospital room and got online to figure out where supper would come from! He's gone to O'Charley's now!!!

Now for the medical update!! I'm 22 wks, 4 days as of today! My cervix will be measured again in the morning and will give us a little better idea of my length here. If it's still measuring above 4, I MAY get to go home. My luck, I'll get home, monitor that night, fail and be right back here and then not have such a great room! Don't get me wrong, I'll take the opportunity to go home, but I also know the longer I'm here, the less time the babies will be in the NICU. They are planning on doing a growth assessment Thursday which will be four weeks from the last assessment. I can give my assessment of what I think their personalities will be:

Baby A: Cannon Gregory - laid back, not much bothers him, but when he wants to be
recognized, he will sure put on a show!!!

Baby B: Gunner Cole - wild and crazy!! fights with his sister, Lauren, non stop!

Baby C: Lauren Katherine (I think that's how we're spelling it) - beyond wild and crazy!! she is
up more than she's asleep!

Baby D: Avery Caroline - sweet, sweet! She's so laid back and quiet, rarely makes me

Wednesday which will be 23 weeks I will get my first round of steroid shots for the babies lungs! Very exciting day! I have heard the shot is horrible!!!! The two shots I get every day are already horrible! The needle doesn't hurt but the medicine stings the entire time they are injecting it! Remember, I gave myself shots to get this way so I'm not a wienie, this medicine really does hurt. My arms and legs are completely black and blue from the shots!

Andrea took some pictures of me while she was here so I will post them when she sends them. This is a picture of all four of the babies at almost 14 weeks.

We don't get pics with all of them anymore, they're too big!! I have some newer ones of each individual baby that I will send home with Bridgette and let her scan them!

Please continue to pray for the babies, my sanity, Hannah Noelle and Matt!!!! Also, because of the distance to and from the hospital, pray something miraculous happens with gas prices!!!!


The Epps Family said...

Hang in there! There are a lot of fabulous success stories out there concerning quadruplet pregnancies! Google McNulty Quads and Steece Quads. Those two girls are walking Quad Manuals!!

King Quads said...

Hi There!

I am also preggers with Quads (24w2d). Your family will be in our prayers!!!!