Sunday, June 29, 2008

MySpace Post from 6/17, 20wks, 5 days

Hello everyone!! Well, as most of you know I am currently in the hospital. Thursday I was sent to the hospital by the home monitoring company that they had me set up on. I had had 12 contractions in one hour. After staying at the hospital for a few hours with moderate contractions and uterine irritability I was transferred to my doctor's office. There they measured my cervical length and were very impressed. The doctor said, if it wasn't for that length, I'd be keeping you at the hospital. Well, Saturday night I monitored again because I was very very uncomfortable! (I have to monitor twice a day regardless) I failed my test. My doctor told me to take the medicine I had for contractions and wait 30 minutes and retest. I did, but nothing changed. He told me to get to USA immediately and bring my bags. This was at around 10:30. We met Matt's mom so she could take Hannah Noelle home with her. When we got to the hospital they hooked me up to the monitor and started monitoring the contractions. The doctor then came in and checked me and my cervix was closed but it immediately started contractions back to back. Then came the news, you're not going home! I was admitted to Labor and Delivery at South Alabama Women's and Children's. They started an IV with fluids and hooked me up to a new monitor and started me on meds every four hours for contractions. I generally do good for three hours and then the fourth hour is pretty rough. I was still planning on going home on Sunday. Well, Sunday came and went and then it was Monday morning. Monday morning the ultrasound tech came in and measured my cervix again and it had not changed. I'm still measuring 4.7 which is absolutely unbelievable!! Most 20 week pregnant patients with one baby don't even measure that big! (At least that's what I was told!) I'm so excited and so proud of my body!!! Then the news, you get to take a shower!!! Oh, glory day! I was SO HAPPY and felt so refreshed!!! Around 11 I got transferred up to the High Risk Floor in my own room with a window!!! I am still not sure how long I will be here, I've heard everything from 48 hours to two weeks and until I deliver which is hopefully at the least 9 weeks from now. Please keep the babies and myself in your prayers and pray for the "cervix of titanium" to stay long!!! Pray for my sanity, I'm only allowed out of the bed for 30 minutes a day, 15 minutes to shower and 15 minutes for a wheelchair ride! Pray for Hannah Noelle! She's doing great and coming to visit every day, but I know her world is just as turned upside down as mine is! Pray that the babies grow and grow! As of last Thursday the girls, Lauren and Avery are measuring 13 ounces, Cannon is measuring 14 ounces and my Chunky Monkey Gunner is measuring a whopping one pound!! Add up their weights and lengths and I'm carrying almost 4 pounds of babies and over 28 inches of baby, that's not including the amniotic fluid of each baby. Thanks for your continued support and pray for 30 weeks!!!! Love to you all!

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