Saturday, May 23, 2009

Da' Trip

I cannot even begin to tell you how AWESOME this trip was! For months I have become best friends with people I have never met through our common bond of having quadruplets! Up until this trip I had only ever laid eyes on Jac Tubre. I had several phone conversations with several of the girls and countless email conversations, text messages and instant messages, but the real thing, SO MUCH BETTER!! My initial trip was planned for Thursday to Tuesday night. After spending one night away from the babies sometime last month I switched my ticket to return home earlier on Tuesday so that I could see them awake that day. While on the trip having the most glorious time I got REALLY homesick and switched my ticket again and returned home bright and early Monday morning. I hated leaving early but was so excited to see my family!
The first day of my trip was spent with the Tubre Family who so lovingly welcomed me in and let me get some Cupcake loving! Then, on Friday, before our plane left, Jac and I headed to the Lambe Quads' House. HOLY CUTENESS!! In 24 hours I had some major quad loving: Cannon, Gunner, Lauren, Avery, Emma, Tyger, Cullen, Abbey, Rocco, Jagger, Madden & Sloan.
By 7 pm, we were in Mickey Land with all the gals and when I tell you the girls are AMAZING, that's an understatement! Whatever you do, don't read their blogs though, they make me out to be a clutz! That chair was ALWAYS in my way, it wasn't my fault! And nobody gave me the memo mid trip that they added a new wall in our condo. I sure wouldn't have run into it if had been there the whole time!!
I tried really hard to make a list of certain things I loved about each of these miraculous women, but I couldn't narrow it down to be small enough to put in a post! The inside jokes alone would fill a post and send your head's spinning!!

Girls, I LOVE YOU! You are who I turn to when I'm excited about something, upset about something, need to vent, cry, scream, laugh, anything! We have created some unimaginable bonds between us. There are so many others that didn't get to come with us and I hope you start planning for next year now so that you can join us and we can continue to grow and strengthen these bonds! I love seeing the red light flashing on my phone because it generally means there is going to be an e-mail to make me laugh my guts out or one that's going to send me to my knees praying you make it through the day!
Love, Love, Love YOU!!!!!!!
I will post soon with an update of weights, heights, etc. on the babies and the new BloggyLook should be up soon!!! Thanks Jenissa!!
Have a Great Week!!!


Grand ma said...

ok whats up with the names Gunner and Cannon? Are you raising an Army Gunner and shooting a cannon? how odd! who names their kids these names!! talk about setting your kids up for some major teasing in school. how ridiculous! Parents, please stop being so self indulgent! A Gunner and a Cannon?

Kami Lambe said...

LOVED our visit! Thanks so much for all the are incredible! By the way, sounds like we must have the clutz thing in common. In high school, I was voted most likely to trip on stage during graduation!
Love ya-

Kelly Trullinger said...

AWWW! I had a great time too! MIss you already and I definitely miss that accent girl!

Misty said...

Miss you tons! I loved sharing a room with you! YOU totally ROCK!!!!!
And fyi.... I love your kids names!

jag said...

First of all, LOVE the boys' names! They rock and so do you! Missing you already girl. Can't even wait until our next trip! Love you lots!

Charity Donovan said...

Love you 2 doll!!! Miss you so much!!!! Have a FABULOUS weekend girlfriend!!!!!

Jac Tubre said...

Wow "Grand ma"...what an odd name to call yourself. Why not "grandma" like the rest of the grandmothers in the world. Do you spell it differently because you think you are a grand grandma?? Maybe you are, but talk about self indulgent.

I'd like to meet the kids in school that have the gonads to pick on Gunner. The dude weighs 22+ lbs at 9 months old. I say tell those insecure bullies to bring it on...I'm pretty sure he can handle whatever comes his way. At least he (and Cannon) won't be one of the 20 kids with the cool top ten names from the year they were born. I LOVE their names so take your nasty comments somewhere else lady...or dude.

Now, on to much more important things...GREAT post Sandra Coke-ran! We loved having you and I can't wait until we can all get together with the babes...imagine the strange looks we will get...especially when we say our boys names are Gunner, Cannon and Tyger!! :)

Love you!

johnna&Lilasmama said...

who leaves comments like Grand ma except judgemental people? Who are you to make comments on what someone ElSe decided to name THEIR babies? I'd say some other stuff, but Sandra would probably have to delete my comment due to CONTENT! Really, does this "Grand Ma" think she is the baby name police? I bet her kids were like 1 of 15 Ashley's or Emily's or David's or Daniel's growing up. Way to give your kids a lesson on being kind to one another. Kids only know what they are taught at home, and I bet YOUR kids 'Grand Ma' were the ones making fun of others because of the examples they had at home. Way to go! Besides, anyone who knows anything about little boys and baseball knows these names have to do with BOY stuff--they will LOVE their manly names. At least their parents do, u know the people who decided to get pregnant and be solely responsible for new little lives. Ifthey had wanted to name them Racecar and Legend if they liked Nascar, just tell me this, "Who asked your opinion anyway?" Now if you dedcide to send them a nice fat check with lots of zero's and commas, well then,, that might change my thinkin`. But until then, keep your rude comments to yourself and changeyour own kids' names to something I LIKE! (OH, and Sandra, as sweet as you are if you dont want my mean letter on your blog you dont have to post it, butttttt--ooooo, I wish you would!)

Stephanie said...

I love hearing each of your stories of "da trip" You girls are all just so amazing!!!
Love the names too!! :)

Following Him said...

Cool...glad you had a blast on da trip :)

nicole_dib said...

this is to who ever makes fun of these kids names, shutup...shutup...SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are some of the best names ever!!! from, antonio

nicole_dib said...

Hi Sandra,

It's Nicole.. Antonio and Shane's mom. Both boys follow your blog.. ( you know Shane has to keep tabs on his friends.. esp. Gunner.) Anyway, Antonio happened to read the comment from "G-ma" while I was going to type a comment.. and as I'm sure you read he left a comment (in an 11 year old fashion... lol) He took that comment quite personally. It lead us to a good talk about we can't control other people's actions and that mean people have some insecurtiy... etc. etc.

I'm glad all of you had a wonderful trip! You all are soo beautiful and deserved some Mommy time! Isn't Orlando a lot of fun?

Have a great day,

Moni Graf said...

Uh, ditto on what Jac said. Couldn't have said it better myself regarding G ma. I think that because I'm so self indulgent too, I'm gonna name our next 2 kids Walker and Texas Ranger.

Love you Sandra and had an AWESOME time with you! I like how you embellished the pics, too.


The McNulty Family said...

Ditto to Jac and Moni! Love your names and no one will mess with those boys.. HN might take um out! HAHAH!

I love you so much and miss you tons!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time and I am glad you did! And, I LOVE YOUR KIDS NAMES!!! ALL OF THEM!!! Grand ma is a LOSER and must not have anything better to do than read peoples blogs all day long and leave negative comments and TRY to bring other people down where they are. Completely Ridiculous that they are even looking at your blog or your precious babies. And then they don't even have enough nerve to leave their real identity. Don't let people like this ruin your day. They are just trying to rain on your parade. And they don't have a life and are jealous of the FANTASTIC one that you and your husband have with your five beautiful children. You have precious babies and so are their names!

Love yall
Holley Perkins

The McNulty Family said...

I love you.