Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Bunch of Firsts

This has been a very exciting weekend! We have taken a lot of pictures to document firsts and thank goodness Blogger was in a good mood (running smoothly) and I was able to upload a good bit of them! Avery being mean to Lauren!
And now for some firsts!
Gunner is cutting his top two teeth
and Paw-Paw thought he might
need a sno-cone to ease his pain! He LOVED IT!!
Now today is where most of the firsts took place!
Matt and I were feeling sporty this morning and
decided at the last minute to load up and head to Malbis to let Hannah Noelle play at the splash pad. (Which, of course, when we got there she was to shy to go do!) We get there without so much as a whimper, 30 minutes past the baby's normal feed time and we decide, hmmmm, let's go to Olive Garden. I wish you could have seen the hostess' face when I said, 2 adults and 5 children. We got three highchairs (Cannon, Gunner and Avery) and a sling for Lauren's infant carrier. (She has not moved to a "big kid" car seat yet, we're hanging on to having one in a carrier as long as we can!) I came loaded with Germ-X wipes and wiped down the highchairs and the tables. (Thought of you the entire time, Beth!)
Avery eating her blueberry puffs, mmm, mmm.
Gunner still trying to figure out exactly what's going on!
Cannon pretty much thought the
whole experience was hilarious!
Lauren was pretty amused as well!
Hannah Noelle was a HUGE help!
Daddy with his boys!
Gunner wasn't interested in the puffs, he
wanted a bread stick!
He ate the whole thing!!!
Off to shopping browsing!
Avery and Cannon chillin!
Lauren and Gunner chi-laxin!
And then because we weren't tired enough from our crazy day, we decided to let the Fab Four bathe together for the first time! Trust me, bathing them one by one is WAY easier than throwing all four in the tub and wrangling them! It was a great experience though, watching them play together! I'm sure it will be what we do from now on only because they loved it SO much!
Gunner LOVED it!
Birds' Eye View
Lauren hanging on!
Not real sure what my camera did here, but I think I like it!
Avery and Cannon playing!
Lauren telling Gunner, this is MY space!
Avery showing her bubble face!
After that was all over, Matt decided
to lay down for a rest dogpile!
This was the last picture before the melt downs started!
Everyone was fed and put to bed a little early and they are sleeping like rocks!!
Matt and I feel so empowered after today!

Have a Great Week!


Mandy T said...

I know I get to see yall often but after seeing Gunner in the pics compared to the other ones he does look like "buddah" like Dr Gina says!! They are so sweet and precious. Congrats on your fun day. Now you know you can do anything!!

Leigh said...

Awesome post! Sounds like you had a GREAT day, and the babies enjoyed it as well! HN looks like she really enjoys being the big sister! What and where is Malbi's? just curious I've never heard of it before! Congratulations on the accomplishment, I'm sure it was a great power knowing YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Much Love!!

Jennifer W. said...

What a great post! Thanks for the updates...they are so precious. And you CAN do it!! :)

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Beautiful smile on HN! Bath n bubbles; so much fun! I love the big bow; where do you find them? I know-the bigger the better!

Lauren said...

Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for sharing!! I love the bath time pictures. You must look down at the 4 of them in the bathtub and be amazed that you made all these babies! They are getting so big!

nicole_dib said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic day!! Gunner and Shane do have a lot in common... breadsticks are his favorite!
The bath time pics are too cute!!!

Quick question, how do you get your blog name to post on the pics on the blog? I think that is a great idea!
Have a great day,

Following Him said...

The first sno-cone looks GREAT! Hope the ice cold helped those little gums feel better :)
Hannah Noelle looks like a GREAT big sweet!
Glad this weekend was a success!

Moni Graf said...

Way to go, Matt and Sandra. That is a HUGE undertaking! The kids are A-freakin-DORABLE, as usual. Lovin' the bathtime pics.


Misty said...

HOw awesome! I love firsts! Did a few this weekend myself!

You go super mama!

quatro_mama said...

Seriously sweet pix, mama! Good for you for your big outing to Olive Garden. I'd take some warm breadsticks right about NOW! =)

Love 2 yas,
Jen and Co

Della said...

Wow. I didn't see one tear while at the restaurant. You two are getting brave. The tub pics are precious.

Charity Donovan said...

OMG Sandra...could those babies get any cuter?!?!?!? Lovin' the Germ-X Wipes!!!!! lol! ;)

jag said...

Gunner, you know I love you chunky boy, but that picture of Cannon with those dreamy eyes at the table is meltin' my heart!

Andrea said...

Lauren's face of her holding on for dear life in the bathtub TRIPPED me out! She is so living up to the Madame Librarian nickname!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bath time pics and yall did a great job at Olive Garden. Not that I ever doubted the two of you or HN. Looks like everybody had a great time.

quatro_mama said...

The blog looks sooooooo stinkin' cute, Sandra! Love the new look!
So fun to chat w/ yas tonight!

The McNulty Family said...

Look at your sweet new look! I love it!!

Great pics mama and WAY TO GO in Olive Garden.

I love you and miss you so much!

Suzanne said...

girl! LOOOOOOOVe YOUR cartoon character! she's fiesty and spunky! just like my favorite little redhead! love the blog--good work jennisa!!!

Anonymous said...

1. LOVE THE NEW BLOG! That picture of you is PERFECT!!! The wink, so cute!
2. All your kids are beyond precious, seriously, but how do you ever look at Cannon's face and tell him no? MY GOD, hes cute!
3. You are a rockstar, i am too chicken now to do that. But you girls are inspiring me, I am going to take mine out ot eat on saturday!!