Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Weekend

This has been a CRAZY weekend!

Let's start with Thursday.
Andrea had a date, Matt had a track meet and Hannah Noelle had a T-ball game. HN rode with one of her friends home from school and to the game and I loaded up the other four and headed to the field flying solo!! I pulled up and hollered out, come get a baby! Jaime said, where's the stroller, I said, well, I didn't bring it, y'all always get them out anyway, one less thing I had to load and unload!! I'm not sure from the time we unloaded until we reloaded that I held a baby. Between grandparents, adopted grandparents, "aunts" and close friends, we had them WAY outnumbered! We've learned the secret to success is having them outnumbered!!

Cannon with Me-Me
(Mama Kathy, Valerie's Mom)

Lauren with Aunt Valerie
Jaime telling HN to GOOOOOO!
Be-Be holding Avery
(Be-Be is camera shy! She reads the blog though,
so let's give her some comment love because we
COULD NOT do it without her and Paw-Paw!)
Paw-Paw with Gunner
CC with the G-Man

Saturday Night

Hannah Noelle was in a ball for the Lockhearts Civic Organization as an Attendant to the Queen. The theme this year was Belles of the Ball. Andrea and I were both in this Organization although it was called Lockhearts Social Club back in the day. She and I were presidents our senior years and were also named Queen at each of our senior Roseballs. The attendants to the queen Andrea's year are already in college!! Unfortunately, mommy brain has taken over and I don't remember who the attendants were my year!
She was so excited to be in the "Prom."
We decided once again since we had them outnumbered we would Go For It!

Pae-Pae with two of her boys!
Emma Kate and Hannah Noelle
(How many yards of satin you reckon was
used in the making of those bows?)
Pae-Pae and her buddy, Jayce!
Taris and a Drooling Can-Man
Hannah Noelle and Emma Kate
Father-Daughter Dance
The big girls do this with their dads and she heard them
talking about it at practice and thought she HAD to do it!
Hannie and Mommy
Ya Think she was mad at us?
Then a bribe for some Ice Cream
It takes a Crew I tell ya!
Kae-Pae and Avery
Aunt Lexa and Gunner
Hannah Noelle and Lauren

Hannah Noelle with the outgoing Queen's crown.
Thanks Ms. Meagan, who just by the way, looked BEAUTIFUL!!
I have not felt good since Friday and staying at home only makes it worse, so we decided to brave Wal-Mart for the first time with the Fab 5 and then, we were feeling even more froggy, and we went to the McDonald's Drive Thru for lunch and took it to the park and had a Pic-a-Nic!

Lauren asking the birds to please not poop on her!
I think Cannon has taken over Cullen's Popeye Impersonation!
Avery going after HN's toes!
Packed Lunches are for the WEAK!
Who needs birds when you've got Gunner
to clean up the leftover fries!
Fighting over toys!
Oh, I ponder the thought!
And he DID NOT like the grass!
Daddy with Gunner and Lauren
Tha' Pic-A-Nic
Hannie in the "Baby Swing"
I guess Can-Man was tired!!!!

It was a great weekend, we're just glad it's OVER! I called in sick to work for tomorrow so I will go to the doctor and hopefully get out of this deep dark hole of sickness that I'm in!! Seriously, I grabbed my cell phone, went to the back room, called the house, Matt answered and I said, sir, I'm not going to be able to make it to work tomorrow, I just don't feel too well! Thank goodness for a SWEET husband!! He's going to take one for the team and go in late tomorrow so I can go see the doc. Thanks, Matthew Da-Wayne!!!


Anonymous said...

THAT PICTURE OF YOU AND HN IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, that needs to be up and framed, so sweet!!!
And hilarious (and so you) that you would call in sick to matt from with in your own house... I just love you for your silly antics!!! LOVE YOU XOXO

Following Him said...

Hope you feel better soon! I love how you called Matt to tell him :) The kiddos are so cute!

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

Oh my--that was a great weekend!!! I bet ya'll had a blast at the pic-a-nic and the park. I just love the pics. Hope you feel better soon...oh-you have sick time...I didn't get that in my benefits package :(

johnna&Lilasmama said...

ok, all these pics are so sweet and the babies are even sweeter. they are drippin' with sugar with every drop of slobber that falls out of their mouths! but myfavorite picture HAS to be the one of ''Can-man'' out cold on the french fry bag. You should send this in to a baby contest or something!!

Lauren said...

Hi Sandra,

Looks like a great weekend! Thanks for posting all the pics! I love to see how the babies are growing; they look like they are all doing so well!

I will definitely keep you in mind when I come across more deals for the house. You guys are in the same boat as us. There are so many things you need with a new house! When the time comes to look for home interior stuff - do look at JC Penny's. They have sales often, and a great blind and curtain selection. Also, let me know when/if you'll need a painter. I've got a good reference for you. Building a house is so much fun, BUT stressful too! There are so many choices.

I hope you all have a great week! Feel better soon...


Suzanne said...

awwww!! feel better soon! doesn't it feel great to get those kiddies out and about! LOVED the precious pics---you have such a beautiful family!

The McNulty Family said...

Awwww.. hope you feel better.. and you were checking on me!?! So sweet!! LOVE EVERY SINGLE pic and I agree with Casey.. you and HN... BEAUTIFUL!

Love that you called in sick.. brilliant!! ;)
Love you!

Leigh said...

Hope you feel better soon woman! I just love all the pics!I didn't realize it was time for the Roseball already.. man does time fly by. Love how you called in sick to Matt!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

So glad to see it is so easy for yall to get out and about. Looks like yall had a blast and Hannah Noelle looked beautiful!!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Oh, I saw that the boys are getting up there in their diaper sizes and I decided to potty train Jade about a week ago and she is fully trained and I have some unopened packs of diapers if you want them just let me know. They are the pampers cruisers. I have a pack of size 6 that is unopened and 2 packs of size 7 that are unopened if you think you might get to them. I also have a partial pack of size 6. Just email or text me if you want them and I will bring them to you or arrange something! By the way, you and Matt look fantastic too and are doing a wonderful job!

Konnie said...

I will tell Be-Be that she should have been in that picture. I have known Be-BE since I was a little girl. Let me know if you need help at the ballfields, The boys have a game Thursday @ 7:15. and also let me know when you are feeling better we will take the babies to the park for a play date, we could also do the McDonalds lunch it is much easier than taking a lunch.

Kelly Trullinger said...

Hope you feel better REAL soon! LOL. Love ya girl! Beautiful pics!

Amber said...

Hope you're feelin better! Looks like ya'll had a lotta fun....if you ever need any help...even if its just goin to walmart..I'm just a phone call away! Love yall!!!

Moni Graf said...

Goodness,'ve all been busy little bees! Between the new home construction, ballgames, balls, dedication, picnics and EVERYTHING's no wonder you came down with something! Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care of yourself, mama!

I'm loving all the pics. It amazes me how different Gunner looks when he's NOT smiling! In a couple pics, I had to do a doubletake because I thought he was Can-Man. GORGEOUS! I also liked the pic of Hannie holding her little mini-me at the ball (Lauren). They look so much alike, to me. GORGEOUS! Did I mention you have a GORGEOUS family?!

Can't wait to see more on the house. It's going to be amazing and I'm so excited for you.

Also, I love that you just get out and do stuff...babies/kids in tote. I know how much work it is, but you make it look so easy. God love those extra hands (too bad we ONLY saw hands of some of those helpers....ahem, ahem...this is me giving crap and bloggy-lovin' all at the same time). Sandra, how the heck do you manage to ALWAYS have your 5 kiddos, yourself and your husband all dressed to a "T"?! I swear, if you had a dog, it'd have a bow and petitecoat to match the rest of the fam! You truly are amazing and you deserve to "call in" every once in awhile...even if it is just for the morning!

Love you bunches!

jag said...

How did I miss this post?! It's wonderful! You look great. The kids are adorable. It looks SO fun and exhausting! For some reason, I think it should have been G-Man sleeping on the fries wrapper! Love you guys!