Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pics of Sticks with No Bricks

The Future Cochran Home!!

Left Side

Right Side
Back Side with Patio
Play Room

My Room and Bathroom
This Little Corner is the Future Home of.......

The Quad Table
We asked the babies what they
thought about it and the responses were...
It looks good, but you didn't
show them my room! ~ Cannon
Where's the refrigerator
going to go? ~ Gunner
Mom, do you really think people can
tell what it looks like from those pictures?
They might as well close their eyes!
~ Avery
Show them where my hair
products are going to go!!

We can't wait for it to be done!
We're told the inside is the longest part.
They just poured the slab on Friday and this is where we are today!
Each of the chil' ren will have their own room
and then the playroom to demolish!

For Easter Pictures, click here.
Have a Great Week!


tarismarie said...

YAY!!!! Those are great!!! I can't wait to see it's progression and to see it in person!!! Holler if y'all need tractor help! Corey still says he feels bad about not having a trailer to get up there today to help Matt shovel! Can't wait!!!! Love you guys!

Amber said...

In the worlds of my favoritest little person...WOOOE MOMMA!!! Thats so awesome....I know you're happy. I'll come by soon to see it all in person and get the "offical" unfinished house tour. :)
Gives kisses to all the kids! Love ya girl!

Leigh said...

awesome! you will be SOOO happy as I too know how it is to be "crammed" into a lil house! Kids pictures are too precious!

Suzanne said...

that is SOOOOOOOO exciting! and what a perfect place for the quad table!!! that thing is a MUST! love you, girl!

Kelli said...

AWESOME! Thanks for the great pictures. Can't wait to see it finished!!!

Misty said...

I am sooooo happy for you! THat is awesoem . Look forward to seeing all of the pics. The kiddos look great!

jag said...

This is so exciting! You must be really eager to get in there! Glad you have a place for a feeding table. We didn't really, so we came up with a homemade one - well, actually 2 twin tables. I'll post some pics later. You're going to LOVE feeding them at the table.

Stephanie said...

WOW..hoe exciting!! That is going to be wonderful for your family!!
Cant wait to see the final product!!

Joshua Green said...

Thats great! Watching it go up is so neat!!

The McNulty Family said...

YAY!!!!!! So nice to see it coming together. You guys won't know what to do with all that space.. though i'm sure you'll figure it out! ;)

Love the pic of the stroller in front.. made me laugh.

Love ya mama!

Amy-Jo said...

Looking good, it is so exciting to watch the progress. The kiddos look adorable as ever.

Anonymous said...

wow, looks so nice. i know you must be so excited. congrats!!!


Brandy said...

How EXCITING! I love the fact that they each get their own room. AND a playroom. THAT ROCKS! Can't wait to see the finished product.
1 yr old GBBB quads
9yr old son
5yr old daughter

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

How exciting a new house to fit the whole family and still have extra space. Congrats!

Lauren said...

Oh, how exciting! I didn't know you guys were building a new house! I'm sure you are in need of plenty of room for your growing quads! I love that quad play table too! We were looking into getting one of those also. What a great invention for multiples. When is the house supposed to be ready?

Our house is ALMOST done! We plan to close in about 4 weeks. So exciting. It helps me to have something like this to look forward too.