Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waiting For Baby Kila!

Today was the baby shower for my best friend, Valerie Miller Buxton.

Kila Paten Buxton is due to arrive on May 22nd,
but all signs show she'll make an early grand entrance!

Rheannon Miller (Valerie's sister-in-law),
Ashley Vickers (Valerie's friend)
& I were the hostesses, but survived with much help
from Kathy Miller (Mee-Mee)
I LOVE YOU BABY KILA and can't wait to meet you!
How stinkin' precious is this cake?
If you live in South Alabama or South Mississippi
and want Tasha Seymour's info, let me know.

This creation took some TIME!!
Mee-Mee is SO crafty!!
It's a Baby Carriage Fruit Tray!

Isn't she just precious!!
Big Sister
Zoey Pate Miller!

Valerie, Zoey and Mee-Mee

Me, Valerie, Rheannon and Ashley

Despite a fiasco with a jalapeno jar and tile floor
(which was my fault) there were no major hiccups in everything going AWESOME!!

Matt, Hannah Noelle, Cannon, Gunner, Lauren, Avery, Andrea, Stephen, Kristy & Jayce I are headed to Gulf Shores for the day tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK! My Aunt and Uncle are down from Michigan for the babies' dedication on Easter Sunday combined with their yearly vacation and we're going to visit! I'm packing, plannin, packing, plannin and I'm sure I'll be making a few stops along the way for things I forgot!!
I'll try to update on the Beach Trip soon!


jag said...

LOTS of luck to you on your journey! I'm so excited to see pictures!

The shower must have been such fun! How cute is that Valerie with her little tummy?! As a matter of fact, you all looked fantastic! The cake is ADORABLE! SOOO creative. I may need to copycat that one.

Okay, have fun!
P.S. Some mail is commin' H.N.'s way.

Charity Donovan said...

Too cute!!!

Have fun at the beach girlfriend!!!

Following Him said...

Looks like the shower was a HUGE success. The cake and fruit basket look AMAZING :) What a great friend you are!

Out of tall are you?

Cochran Quads said...

Yea, that picture makes me look freakishly tall!! I had on wedge heels so that added a few inches and Valerie and Ashley are pretty short, so all that added together and it looked like I was on stilts! I am 5'9", which is pretty tall already!!

Following Him said...

Thanks for replying and suggesting :) I am 6 feet and with the heels I did not notice before, I thought you were too :)

The Carlsons said...

i do love that cake. very cute. i should show you the one my good friend made me when i was pregnant with the quads. it was adorable and she did it all by herself. she's too talented!

have a good trip! oh, and i never knew you were so tall. i wish i were a bit taller. oh well ;)

thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy

rebekaah said...

Please pray for this young Christian mother struggling with a painful and difficult decision for her unborn daughter.

RADstitches said...

What fun! I was going to ask if you were super tall or just had short friends! I am 5 8 1/2! I love that cake!