Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Little Things

Today has been a great day for me and it's been a day where I have thought about the little things that get me through each day.
Here's a few.....
* A stranger walking up to me at the post office and saying, "Your children are beautiful." She was a blog reader.
* Having a blog post all ready to press publish about who the crawler was, just waiting for him to actually do it and walking out of the room and a little Miss Someone following me out on all fours!! Proving never assume you know what's going to happen!
* The day several years ago when I was working on a transcript and something happened, my computer went blank and I lost everything. It was at that very moment I realized I could get mad, walk away screaming or use my frustration to work harder and get it done. (Don't get me wrong, I still get mad at things, just learned it really doesn't do too much good!)
* When Hannah Noelle runs up and tells me I'm the Bestest Mommy in the whole wide house! (That's huge to her!)
* When I'm walking across the baseball field hot and frustrated and my husband says, hey, you're getting your figure back! (I smiled for a few hours!)
* People that pretend life is all roses and sunshine. (This is one that makes me happy and sad) It makes me happy because I know that I have accepted that it's not all roses and sunshine, it is what it is, we just all deal with it differently. It makes me sad that they feel they must make their lives seem perfect so they won't be judged.
* The random man in line at the concession stand who said, ma'am, I didn't turn around, ma'am, I didn't turn around, ma'am, yes, sir, Just wanted to tell you your hair is beautiful!
* Lauren's little tiny bootie!
* Avery's new since of security in life.
* The way Cannon stares at me like I am the only one in the whole world!
* Gunner's never ending smile!
* The fact that there will always be at least one cup of coffee left in the pot every morning when I wake up! (Thanks Andrea & Matt)
* True Friends!!
* The way people looked puzzled at my Kokomo Joe Rat license plate on the front of the mini van!
* The mail lady who often drives up to the door and honks just so she can ask how the babies are!
* The excitement on Hannah Noelle's face when she receives mail.
* My date nights with Hannah Noelle.
* Hearing my cell phone ringing Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch and seeing a text from Matt saying our hand was pained out, we homma still practice though. (I interpret his great texting to say, our game got rained out, we're gonna still practice though.)
* And last but not least, the fact that God decided I was woman enough to be the mother to 5 children under the age of 4. I love my children dearly, would have never expected this life, sometimes wonder if I really can do it, yet wouldn't trade it for the world!!
What's something that makes you smile?


Leigh said...

Sandra girl! that is an AWESOME post!! i could make a list for days, so maybe I need to make a blog of the same things!I'm such a copycat. LOL! thanks for making me smile and think about what I have!
Love ya

amber said...

oh my gosh..reading that made me smile! and to second HN..you are the bestest! reading your blog always make me think of 'daycare' days and how fun they were. like when HN would have a bad morning and "just wanted to stay in miss amber's room". I miss seeing her everyday, no matter what was going on, she could always make me smile! love ya'll!

tarismarie said...

You are a fabulous momma Sandra! Don't ever forget it!!!!

Your whole family makes me smile! You are all a BLESSING and a JOY to me and Bubba!!

HN always knows how to make things better!! She is a pretty awesome little kid!

Love you guys tons!!

King Quads said...

Love it! You and those adorable babes of yours make me smile. You are the best mommy in the whole house!

Misty said...

That was awesome! That made me smile!

Jac Tubre said...

Cullen wants to know if it was his girlfriend crawling around?!

GREAT post...reason number 134,532 why I love you.


jag said...

Great post girl! Made me think a little bit about my "tude" lately. Soooo, who was it?!

The McNulty Family said...

GREAT POST MAMA!! I'm smiling from ear to ear!!!!!

What makes me smile??? Ahhhh ... that's easy...SILENCE!! LOL. That and my sweet kiddos.. when they aren't killing each other.

RADstitches said...

Your post made me smile tonight... Thanks for sharing.. and for finding the time to do so! I needed this tonight. So glad that I came by before I hit the sack!

Following Him said...

Love that song that you have on your cell. Hope you have an amazing Wednesday :)

Anonymous said...

well, i could think of a lot of things to add to your list but you did a GREAT job with your list so I won't even bother! I don't think anything makes me smile more than to see my kids happy or excited about something even if it is trivial to the rest of the world. it is big in their hearts and minds and it is in mine too. also, reading your blog makes me smile. i love seeing how the kids are doing and growing so much and how much of a great job yall are doing with them. just always remember Jeremiah 29:11 because God does have a plan for you and you are living it and he will see you through it all!!!
Much love to all of you,

Moni Graf said...

That was such a great list, Sandra! Having friends like you ALWAYS makes me smile.....that, and when the babies take a good nap. I also love when I'm able to get a really good picture. It's the little things.

Love ya!

p.s. Little Lauren was the crawler, wasn't she?! That's Pius's guess.

Amy-Jo said...

I love the post, it made me think of everything that makes me smile on a daily basis.

The Scarbroughs said...

It makes me smile when Collin screams and gets all excited when he sees me, his blessed "nannas"... and when he only "rides the horsey" for me!
Lvoe y'all!!

johnnasmama said...

ok, this is really uplifting. so why am i wiping away tears as i am typing this comment? is it the post preggo/breastfeeding hormones? possibly, but i think not. i think it is because i realize exactly where you are coming from and i need to SLOW down and enjoy the ~little things~ my kids have to offer. i love this. and you are SUCH AN EXCELLENT MOTHER! ! No wonder people are so drawn to you!! blog on, girl!

Tracey said...

AMAZING is all I can think of.....just AMAZING...Love to all of you!!

Amber said...

I love your list. If only everyone could be so positive and upbeat our world would be such a wonderful happy place.