Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Beautiful Morning!

I just hope it's going to be a Beautiful Day!!
Just wanted you to see what I wake up to every day!
Good Morning Mommy ~ Cannon
You're here, you're here!! I've been waiting! ~ Gunner
I was SO good last night wasn't I? ~ Lauren
This is how you always

hope to see Avery, still SLEEPING!!The group shot gone BAD!
I had to make a quick dive for Gunner who
decided to push up off of Cannon and Avery!
Cannon, Gunner, Avery, LaurenGunner and Cannon
Bad & Good, I mean, Avery & Lauren
Pius, thanks for the BLING!
(Check out the Pebbles Pony Tail!!)

I think Avery has watched Madagascar too many times!
Lauren is saying, Avery, are you biting my butt?

I hope everyone has a Great Day!
Happy 9 years Matt, I love you!!!
Brad & Bridgette, Happy 9 years to you, as well!!


jag said...

Awwww! Okay, they're all cute, but, as you know, I'm a little partial to G-Man! Look at those expressions! He's so fun! Happy 9 years!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love all those little faces.

Great Big Hugs,
The Tufnell Gang

Tracy Wilson said...

what great pictures!!! those smiles are precious and I love that Avery is still sleeping - cute!!

Can't wait to see these kids in person. Gunner's hair is just too cute. He's such a big man. They are all beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

Here I am reading all the quad blogs again at work. I'm so gonna get fired for being on the internet too much!

The pics are PRECIOUS!!! Avery's facial expressions crack me up. You can tell by the look on Gunner's face in the group shot that he's thinking now's my chance to run. They are all too stinking cute!

Happy Anniversary!
Haley Pepper

Moni Graf said...

How could you NOT smile when you see those sweet faces?!

Happy Anniversary you two love birds!

Pius says all the bling in the world STILL wouldn't be enough for his beautiful Avery. Hope everyone enjoyed their stuff!

Love ya!

Suzanne said...

LOOK AT THOSE SMILES!!! they could make any room light up immediately! too precious!!!

and happy anniversary you two lovebirds!!! xoxoxox oww owwwww!

Cochran Quads said...

Dear Mrs. Moni, this is Lauren! Did you trade me in? I am Pius' girl, not mean ole' Avery! I thought I was making a good impression, eating well, sleeping well, where or where did I go wrong? Please let me know what I can do to make things right with you! Love, Lauren!

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love the pictures. Where's HN's wake-up pic? Gunnar's hair is rockin'he looks like he could be Lauren's older brother instead of the same age. I love the bows for the girls--how do you make them stay in the hair? You can tell they've been eating orange and yellow veges--with those adorable little orange noses!

Misty said...

How cute! Before long you will be hearing " mama, MaMa, MAMA!!!!! Out, OUT, OUT NOW!!!!!!" Seriously.
Love the pics!

Misty said...

oops, I forgot to say,


Andria said...

What adorable, happy, chunky babies! What a photgenic bunch!

Leigh said...

they are ALL too PRECIOUS!! Happy Anniversary to the 2 of you! I just love the smiles the babies have in each of the pictures

Jac Tubre said...

Hey there sweet Avery. I just wanted to let you know that Pius is gonna get knocked out first time I meet that sucker. I let him have it on his blog - here's what I said

"Pius, man, I thought we were buddies??? I saw the comment you posted on my girls blog (Avery Cochran). What's up with you man? You hear I am having some vision problems and you think you can pull a fast one on me trying to woo my girl on her blog...not cool man...not cool at all. Your momma raised you better than that, my momma says she did.

Avery's ONLY true love"

I love you!
Your Natorman

tarismarie said...

ABSOLUTELY precious pictures!!!!! Give them all kisses for me!!!! Love to you all!!!!

The Carlsons said...

too cute! don't you love those kind of mornings? seeing those shinny and happy faces? i love it :D !!

hope your day was as beautiful!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 4.9yo boy

p.s. 9 years for you guys too? very cool! happy 9th anniversary!!

Moni Graf said...

Dear sweet LAUREN,
Sorry that my mom smokes so much crack and gets retarded fingers when she types.....Of course all the bling was for YOU (you can share with Miss Punky and big sis if you want to because I know you're super sweet like that)!

Cull, my bro....I'd NEVER try to do something so backhanded, like take your girl. Laine says it so eloquently, "Bros befo hoes"! But he doesn't really mean that Abbey.


The McNulty Family said...

ADORABLE!!! LOVE the smiles and the bling!!!

I hope it is a beautiful day!

Kelly said...

There is nothing better than waking up to a smiling baby! Precious pictures!

Following Him said...

ADORABLE sweethearts you have!
Happy Anniversary :)

RADstitches said...

These pictures made my day! Love all the smiles, and the little mans doo! Adorable!