Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big Week Ahead!!

First, thanks to all that played the game!! The first to get it right, besides Moni, who cheated, I'm sure, was Avery's Mommy! Just kidding Moni, I know you didn't cheat, you just got your super smart kids to answer who the babies were!! Moni opted to de-tu-tu Danna since she already had one and let the next winner get a tu-tu! I'm working on finishing Cannon's girlfriend's tu-tu done and then Avery-Kate will get her tu-tu next!! And, Jac, I'm so disappointed in you, you got them wrong!!
SNAPS to Mary-Elizabeth for being the only one to point out the straight hair!! I do my hair straight about three times a year, too much hassle, but I try to do it at least one time when we go to the Roney's to eat because Uncle Pill-Up always compliments me so much when it's straight and, well, sometimes a girl needs some compliments!! Hope your leg gets better Aunt 'Lexa!

This week is a HUGE week for us! 9 years ago on March 11th I went on my first date with my very best friend, my husband. Also, 1 year ago on March 13th I met with my MFM physician and started on my long haul with my pregnancy of the Cochran Quads!!! It was an amazing visit with an amazing doctor!! I owe so much of my sanity, my health and the quads' health to him!! We Love You, Dr. Hole!!! I still haven't been able to scan any old pictures in, but I will this next weekend! That, in itself, will be a BIG LONG post!!! I don't want to spill the beans just yet, keep your fingers crossed we all stay well and you'll have a post from the Cochran Crew minus Daddy on their first vacation!!!! It's a secret where we're going, some of you already know, and I think you should all guess!! Who knows, maybe I'll send out another tu-tu to the most creative guess!!

First ultrasound with all Four Babies!!

Matt and Sandra at Hannah Noelle's Dedication
Two VERY tired parents!
Hannah Noelle was 1 week old!! Thanksgiving '04
I can't remember where this was taken!
It was sometime in the last year because
those are my most recent glasses!!!

Have a GREAT week!


Leigh said...

a VACATION!! yahoo!! you are in great need of one of those! BUt... where are you going, girl I have NO idea especially since Matt's not going... Your hair does look really great straight too! I go to the dr. On March 13th to see about the reversal Maybe that is a lucky date =)

Mackenzie said...

Hey Sandra, I think that picture of you and Matt was taken at The BOCO for Andrea's 30th. Let me know what ya think!

Sharon said...

So now fair! Maryanna and Macey want tutus too! Tell me how to make one? Please! Great to see you Sunday. I am so glad that you have such a wonderful support staff so that you can get out of the house. Thanks for noticing my hair. Like you said, every girl needs a compliment now and then! See you soon! Have a great time!