Monday, March 2, 2009

Full Moon Game

Name that Cutie Pa-TOOTIE!Name that Drool Filled Face!
(Hint, not the same order as above!) Name those I'm refusing to look at you babies!
Name that Pinwheel!
Whomever gets the list right for each picture first will receive a TuTu for their little princess. (That is after I finish the ones for Cannon's girlfriend and his sisters! This recent sickness got me a wee bit behind on everything!) If all you have is a Prince, I'll send him a hug!!

P.S. For those of you that asked what Smell-A-Puter meant, it was like Smell-A-Vision. You know, a computer you can smell, Smell-A-Puter. Sorry it was so confusing!


Tina said...

I figured out the pinwheel one

top is cannon
right is gunner
bottom is avery
left is lauren

Am I right? I just think they are as adorable as can be!!

How did you tell them apart at first though? My mom says she just knew from the second my twin and I were born and never got us mixed up but my dad and everyone else sure did! (we still look exactly alike at 25 except I am a lot heavier)

Moni Graf said...

Ohhh, I think I got it!
(all from left to right)
1 - A, G, L, C
2 - A, L, G, C
3 - C, G, L, A
4 - L, G, A, C

Did I get it? If so, you can give my tutu to the 2nd place winner since Lauren was already to sweet to have sent Danna one!

Love you!

Moni Graf said...

I accidentally forgot sweet Hannah Noelle on the 3rd pic...right in the middle (and of course mom and dad, too)!

Misty said...

I know I'll get it wrong & I would need FOUR tutu's anyway :)
BUT the kiddos are adorable! THey look great & what a nice pic of everyone together!

Leigh said...

The babies are absolutely precious and I love the drool on Matt's shirt.. priceless.. cute , cute pictures

William, Megan and Avery said...

Let's see... I've only been following your blog for a short while, but I'll give it a shot and see if I can win a tutu for my little Avery!

1- (L to R) Avery, Gunner, Lauren, Cannon
2- (L to R) Avery, Lauren, Gunner, Cannon
3- (L to R) Cannon, Gunner,(Hannah!) Lauren, Avery
4- Left- Lauren, Top- Gunner, Right- Avery, Bottom- Cannon

*whew* that took a lot of comparing to other pictures! :)


Anonymous said...

The only one i am sure of is lil bitty Lauren's butt!! IT IS SO SMALL!!!! THAT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Shes third from the left, right? LOVE ALL THEIR BOTTOMS!!!

Amy said...

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I'm the third one on here with the same (right) answers, but here you go...

1) Avery, Gunner, Lauren, Cannon
2) Avery, Lauren, Gunner, Cannon
3) Cannon, Dad, Gunner, Hannah Noelle, Lauren, Mom, and Avery
4) left-Lauren, top-Gunner, right-Avery, bottom-Cannon

Love the pictures!!!

Konnie said...

1st Pic. Avery, Gunner, Lauren, Cannon
2nd Pic. Avery, Lauren, Gunner, Cannon
3rd Pic. Cannon, Gunner, & Avery
4th Pic.
Top is Gunner
Right is Avery
Bottom is Cannon
Left is Lauren
I think I am right. I can usally pick out cute kids.

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

Oh Sandra---you're going to have to get those adorable bootie pics out in about 16 years for blackmail viewing!! I love the family pic--you're right about the drool--I love your hair straight like that!!

Maggie said...

I am amazed at how in the first picture there is a very big baby next to a very small baby! LOL!

Andria said...

Gosh, those sweet cheeks are all a bit of cuteness!!

Suzanne said...

LOOK AT THOSE TINY HINEYS!!!! how freakin' cute?!?! love it!

Jennifer W. said...

I love little nudies!! We have pics of all ours like this, and-of course-the older ones hate it! It's fun to look back and compare though, and OMGosh is it sweet!! Couldn't you just butter all those sweet rolls???

Kelly said...

Adorable...simply adorable! You have the cutest blog! :)

jennifier pearson-george said...

omg sandra, those booties are too cutie!!! i love it, , especially how those cheeks sink in on each side as they "strain" to keep their heads up. wonder if any of those boodies made ''poodies'' laying like that!!! ;) ha!!!! they are really growing fast.

Jac Tubre said...

ok, here goes nothing...

Left to right:

Lauren, Gunner, Avery, Cannon

Lauren, Avery, Gunner, Cannon

Cannon, Gunner, Lauren, Avery

Gunner, Avery, Cannon, Lauren (top clockwise)