Saturday, August 23, 2008

Overdue Update

Sorry it's been so long, we're just extremely busy as you can imagine!!

Cannon - Off of CPAP and now on Nasal Canula.. you can see him much better now. Matt and I have both been able to hold him! I got to change his diaper and feed him through his tube! All in all, DOING GREAT!!!

Gunner - He is our biggest fighter!! He ended up being intubated two days after birth, but came back full speed ahead and is now even off CPAP and now on nasal canula only! He is doing great on his feeds and up to 10cc's every three hours! Go Gunman Go!! We got to see him naked while being weighed and his little booty, oh, oh, I could pinch it off!!!

Lauren - She is doing great!!! She is off CPAP also and is now only on Nasal Canula. She's having some difficulty with feeding and having residual, but is getting better!! She's got the biggest feet and hands of them all!!!

Avery - She is the only one left on CPAP, but is eating better than Lauren. She's up to 5cc's an hour, but her nurse doesn't want us to let her hear us brag on her! She said she is one of the feistiest babies she has ever had! She has been successful in ripping her CPAP out several times, taking her temperature probe off several times, etc. She ended up having to "seatbelt" her down three separate times! Go Avery Go!! Fight that nurse, show what you can do!!

All in all we are very amazed at our babies' progress! The next few days are still very critical and we ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers! Please also understand that this is a very trying time for our family, we are very busy and under amazing amounts of stress at the same time of being overly overly excited! We are not trying to ignore anyone or make you think we don't appreciate what you have done for us, we are just trying to focus on our family and spending as much time as we can with Hannah Noelle and then back and forth to see the babies. Visitors to the hospital are appreciated, but is often times very hard because we have to tour with you which takes time away from the limited time we already have to see the babies. Again, we are not trying to keep you away, but it is very difficult as I'm sure you can imagine!! When the babies gets home, please, please come as often as you want, as long as you're not afraid to change a poopy!!!! Also, the next two weeks I can't drive, so if you want to make a visit, can you pick me up???? Here is a picture of Hannah Noelle as she got to visit her brothers and sisters for the first time!!! Love to you all!!!!


Konnie said...

We are sooo!!! excited for you and your family, Ya'll are doing such a GREAT JOB!!!
We hope that you are able to get some much needed rest.
If you need anything, Please let us know.
Ya'll are in our Thoughts and Prayers.
In Christian Love,
The Dooley's
Konnie, Isaac, Grayson, Brayden, and Our New Little Man Easton

karsen&grantsmommy said...

Yay! Hannah Noelle finally got to see her little brother and sister Muffins! Such a cute pic! Love it! So glad you and the babies are doing so good! We love you and are praying for you all!

Love to All
Brad, Bridgette, Karsen and Grant!

Tubre Quads said...

Great pictures and update! The babies are doing great and we will keep praying! Geaux Muffins Geaux!

I totally understand about the visitor situation. We were 1500 miles away from home so it wasn't a huge deal for us, but having to escort people will put a huge dent in your already super packed schedule of pumping, holding, eating, pumping, holding, napping, repeat. Don't feel like you are being rude. This is your time and your babies need you right now and you need to heal. Your body has been through a marathon and a half for the past 29+ weeks. Just rest and if you need a bulldog just call and maybe Torey will extend my leash and I can run over there.

Love you girl, you are amazing and doing a great job. Give Matt a big hug from me as I am sure he is being SuperDad right now.


Joni said...

Hey Cochran family! Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL babes, they are precious! You have 4 lil' fighters and I believe they will continue to do well. I have nanny experience with premies and I don't live too far away so if you need some company or some help with the babes please let me know :) CONGRATS again.


jag said...

They are amazing! We are so happy for your family and continue to pray for you.

Margaret said...

Love the updates! Those babies are too cute! Look like Cannon looks like Hannah Noelle? Can you tell who resembles whom yet?
I've never felt a desire to move "down south" before until now. Smile.
Aunt Margaret

Deanna said...

Wow! What wonderful pictures!!! We are still praying for you and look forward to more great news about the babies progress. You (and Matt too of course) look amazing! Love on those babies!!!

The Collins' family

Lindsey said...

I love you girl and hope that the babies continue to progress. I just cant imagine having 4 to see there. They are in great hands though and I pray daily for each and every nurse there because they did such a great job with my girls. I will keep you all in my prayers! HN is getting SO big and will be a great big sis! Keep up the good and Matt are great parents!!!!
Love y'all,
The Broadus Family
Lindsey, Craig, Dylan, Drew, Jenna & Jaedyn