Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We’re Two!



Party Pics IMG_2713 Party Pics1

 Their party was an absolute BLAST!
I went a little overboard with the Circus Theme, but it was such an easy theme to work around!
Of course, at our circus party, we had a little circus of multiples ourselves! There were 2 sets of quads, 2 sets of triplets and 2 sets of twins! It’s always so fun to see the different personalities each individual brings to the plate!Party Pics2


Lauren said...

Hey there, I've missed you! I'm sure you've been busy planning that awesome birthday party! It looks like it was a blast!

A BIG Happy 2nd Birthday to Lauren, Avery, Gunner, and Cannon!! A congratulations to you and the hubby - you survived another year! :)

Charity Donovan said...

soooooo stinkin' cute Sandra! Love you & love those big TWO year olds! Hugs Momma!!!

Stephanie said...

What a GREAT idea!! Looks like a great party!!
Love their outfits!!

Following HIM said...

LOVE it! The theme is so stinkin' cute and of course, the quads, are precious!!
Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Now comes the fun, terrible two's, potty training, out of cribs, getting rid of ugly pacifiers. Enjoy

Kelly Trullinger said...

Wow! It's been a while since I've been on here and I aplogize for that. My how they've grown! I love their outfits..they are sooo cute! Love me some Cannon! What a big boy! Love you Mamma!