Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day One and Two

I could honestly write a post about every day of the trip, but I’ll spare you that, but Day One and Day Two of my trip were probably close to my favorites!  When I booked my flight several months ago I was scheduled to land in Dallas around 9 p.m.  Well, as we got closer I realized I had to be in New Orleans around lunch for that flight, there were lots of layovers.  I decided then if I was already going to be gone all day I might as well just leave a little earlier and get me some Quad Loving from Dallas.  I so wish time would have permitted to make the complete rounds around Dallas, but I promise Casey couldn’t have driven any faster. (Seriously not kidding, my knuckles are still white from gripping the door handle!)
Our first pit stop was at the beautiful, fun loving, holiday decorated house of Mrs. Amy-Jo Sather! I fell in love with AJ well over a year ago and her strength and fortitude absolutely amaze me every day! To say she has one of the cutest boys on the face of the planet would be an understatement, but then you add that little giggle he has to it, holy melt my heart! It was an absolute honor to get to hang out with her adorable children! Sather With only seconds to spare, Casey ordered me back in the burb and we two-wheeled it to her house to pick up her girls for dance lessons.  I’ve loved her children since I was pregnant with my quads and have watched them grow through her blog, but to actually see them in person was amazing! And the fact that they can all say my name followed by I Love You, had me missing my babies really bad! Gerwer1 Just when I was thinking the Nascar race was over Casey had to run me to the other side of town to meet up with Suz and Moni so that we could pick up Gen from the airport. oneNot real sure what I was looking at!
We got to the airport about the time that Gen realized she had no luggage! It shouldn’t have been as funny as it was, but it was HILARIOUS! We left the airport over an hour later with only the hope of “maybe it will turn up tomorrow!” 
We arrived at the Steece’s house around midnight and I was uber excited to meet Joe and…. well, we’ll just leave it at I was excited to meet him! Suz and Joe are one of the most perfect couples I have ever met.  They complete each other’s sentences, act alike, look alike and are so truly genuine!!Joe  I couldn’t wait for the next morning so I could meet her wonderful children and also a blogger friend, Elyse.  Elyse has been a blog follower of mine since the beginning and introduced me virtually to the majority of the quad moms’ blogs.  She is a daily dose of inspiration for me!Elyse1  Playing with the Steece babies was AMAZING! 
I seriously don’t think these kids could be one ounce cuter!
Look at these smiles!
Steece Shortly after we put the babies down for their naps (in their toddler beds, in their big kid undies!!!) we were Austin, TX bound!!!!! I’ll start working on that post now and maybe I’ll be done in the next week or so!!


Suzanne said...

my beautiful little yellow highlighter, you! WOW! what a jam-packed day...you sure did make the rounds. holy COW!!! so glad you were able to stop and love on so many kiddos while in DFW.

didn't we stay up until like 4am that morning? awesome. so smart. no wonder my pee was green from all of the energy drinks during thursday's drive to austin! haha.

i'm SOOOOOOO glad that you and monster, and genny were able to come spend the night. the road trip was ridiculously fun and i just want to do it all over again!

can't wait for the rest of your recap! love you, red!!!!

QuatroMama said...

Just look at those gorgeous quaddies, and quad mamas, and YOU. All bronze and with a mile wide grin.
Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story".
Love to you from "Hoosier Mama"

Jenni said...

This is so much fun to read. Through your blog I have ventured over to the Steece's and the Sather's over the past few months and it is so neat to see you all together and the bond that you all have!!!

Stephanie said...

I love reading each of your stories about the trip!
Looking forward to more recaps!!

Amy-Jo said...

So happy you were able to meet our kiddos. I don't believe you still had energy after your first two days but if anyone has it it's you sweetie! Love you and missing you so much!

The McNulty Family said...

Awww don't leave us hanging RED! Miss you so much ... just makes me want more.

I love you and can't wait to see the rest of the week through your beautiful eyes.

jag said...

You are too pretty for words My Dear! Love that you girls got to have a little pre-party! Hugs!