Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’m on Their Side!

Before reading this post you may want to look at these posts.
Jenna Walker’s
Mary Kate’s
Yes, I’m joining the backpack harness crowd.
I used to hate these things, thought they were…. well, probably some of the same thoughts you are having right now.
Then I had 4 babies at one time and I only have two arms!
I must say too, that even if Cannon was an only child, I would have purchased him one, he’s wild, crazy and all boy. I wrestled with the decision, I mean, truly beat myself up about it until I took the kids to lunch yesterday by myself and Cannon wiggled out of my hand and made a beeline for the highway.  I will be independent and do things with my children on a daily basis to keep their social skills in check, staying at home all day every day is not healthy for anyone.  To do that, we must create the safest environment possible.  So, today I loaded up the babies and we went to Target (in their stroller) and I let them choose their animal buddy! Cannon, of course, chose the monkey and the other three wanted puppies! We will try them out tonight at daddy’s ball game and see how they work for us!
But please, before you judge, make nasty comments or even stare at someone who has their child on a harness step in their shoes for a few minutes! 
Jenna’s post hit close to home on several aspects of how beneficial they are and can be so be sure to check her post out and leave her little Monkeys some love!


Bret and Heather said...

Well said Momma! I may be referring back to yours and Jennas post in the future. Can't wait to see how they do with them!


Charity Donovan said...

Here's our post from last year this time:


Girl...I totally feel your pain! I wrestled with it & then decided "whatever works to keep my kids safe!" I love you sweetie...you are an amazing mom!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh girl, I just told Jenna this same thing...
I used to think they were barbaric until...I HAD A CHILD!!
You do what is best for your family, and I promise not to judge!!
Cant wait to see pics!!

jag said...

Rock on girl! I LOVE that you let them choose their pack! That's a great idea!

Are We There Yet? said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now but have never commented. I feel strongly about your post so thought I'd give my 2 cents...dont worry its all good. I only have one child. She is 4. We dont use it now but man we used that little monkey harnest from the time she could bolt to about 3 yrs old. It was perfect for places like zoos, museums and other places like that. I hate when parents just let their kids run free (out of their site most of the time). Its not safe for the child and sometimes not safe for other people (like the elderly who can easily trip over a little guy).
I had a hard time using it the first time mostly because I was afraid of what everyone would think but that went out the window after a few older people told me how nice it was to have a parent being responsible with their child. It has also taught my daughter to stay within close proximity to me when we are in public places and we no longer need it now. Okay, steping off the soap box.

Beth said...

I'm with ya! When my brother saw the harnesses I bought he started giving me grief, so I just asked him, "When I have the quads out and one darts off, what would you have me do? Leave the others alone and chase the one, or just let him go and hope he finds his way home?"

When is comes to the safety of our children, we have to act. I am still trying to get more comfortable with using them out in crowds. Oh well, people stare and comment no matter what we do.

Enjoy your summer with those little sweeties!

Anonymous said...

ok so i keep forgetting how to long in but this is Ginger :D and yes i say get the harness because i can barely run after Bryson let alone 3 more and today at the ball game he ran into the parking lot and i nearly died so after reading this (since i hadnt though of it myself) i think i may go buy one for him and i only have 1 and i will dare someone to say something LOL :D

Fiori Family said...

I'm another "follower" that hasn't ever commented... But let me tell you... Buying those harnesses was the best thing you could have bought, I'm telling ya!!! We have triplets and our Audrina is just like your Cannon... Let's just say I bought her a pink doggie harness before she was even rolling over! NO JOKE!!! I just bought the boys each one (A monkey & brown doggie ~ Don't you love Target?) and although our babies have been walking for some time (they're 18 months old), I'm kinda in love with our stroller and the way I can "lock" them in it! But we'll be trying out their harnesses this weekend and I'm praying it goes over well with them. I too wasn't a mom who favored them in the past but our oldest liked to walk by herself at a young age but wouldn't follow my rule of standing by the cart, so we bought her one and I love it from the first try! I wish you guys luck and hope your babies love their new backpacks!!!

Samantha said...

You never have to explain yourself when it comes to your children. What people don't understand is that if you don't use the harness then the kids will need to be in the pram the whole time and that is not healthy. Good luck with taking the kids out yourself, you are a great example for parents who are worried about taking their kids out in public.

Amy-Jo said...

Your sweeties are going to look adorable in those and I plan on having some in the future. Possibly 4 just for Lizy :o). Love you Mama and your little darlings!