Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who you Callin’ a Monkey?

 We recently got a Monkey Joe’s near where we live and after attending a party there, Hannah Noelle has been begging to go back! So, I, in what was FOR SURE a moment of insanity, decided to take all 5 by myself!
The play area for younger children was a HUGE HIT!IMGP4404Even Hannah Noelle loved it! She wasn’t getting to far from Mommy because Monkey Joe, himself, was there! mjAnd to say that he was NOT a hit with my kiddos
would be a HUGE understatement! IMGP4405Lately the boys have been teaming up a little,
which is good, but scary all in the same!
IMGP4409IMGP4410This was all they would do in the jumpies.  They hated going through the little entrance holes, so we just played at the bottom of them.  There are 2 that are designated just for younger children so we just hung out at the bottom of those!
Since it was around lunch time we decided to eat there!
 IMGP4412IMGP4413 IMGP4415 One problem, only 3 highchairs! For some UNKNOWN reason, I chose Lauren to be the “Big Kid” and sit at the table with Hannah Noelle. IMGP4416Do you see why it wasn’t such a good idea?


The babies all wore yellow for two reasons. 
Reason #1, if I have them all dressed similar it’s easier to count them 1, 2, 3…… um, there she is, 4. 
Reason #2,
Gen McNulty is one of my best friends.  When her
Nani went to give Jesus a big giant hug, Gen shared with us that Nani’s favorite color was yellow so sometime last year shortly after that I went and got the girls these yellow dresses and the boys some yellow shorts.  IMG00261-1 We wore them then and sent Gen a picture and this year when I was busting out the Spring clothes I saw those dresses and this year, they’re doubling as shirts. With some more digging I was able to find the boys some yellow shirts and we decided to have another Nani Day! I asked Hannah Noelle to go find something yellow in her closet and she said, in her biggest 5 year old voice, I love Aunt Gen, but yellow is just not that fashionable, she’ll understand! With a straight face (which was very hard) I said, oh, okay and began texting Gen as fast as my fingers would allow!
Something VERY exciting is going to happen on
Gen’s Blog and Gen’s Review Blog one day this week, 
**cough, cough* TUESDAY *cough, cough* 
So please make sure you make your way to
her blog this week Tuesday.

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Charity Donovan said...

OMG....HN never ceases to CRACK ME UP...the fashionista!!! I bet they had SO much fun at MJ's!!! Love you girly!!!!

jag said...

Love your precious little monkeys!

Suzanne said...

omg. monkey joe FREAKS ME out! lol. the kiddies look SO cute in their yellow! (my fav color) that was very sweet for you to remember nani.