Monday, March 1, 2010

Got a Baby?

When I got pregnant with the quads there were no websites I could go to generated specifically for multiples that I could purchase from.  I was so overwhelmed, confused, etc.  How I would have loved a shirt like this……QuadsIt may have avoided some of the stares that went along with me imagining the cartoon bubbles above their heads saying… Holy Moly, she’s HUGE!
I also would have loved to have purchased this shirt for Matt to wear into the delivery room….Quads2It’s a polo style which is Matt’s favorite and the chest emblem says, Proud Father of Quadruplets.
And in the NICU, how cute would my Angels have looked in these little onesies?quads3   The front of the onesie says Angel in a precious Script Font.
Well, these shirts weren’t around then, but now, thanks to one of my best friends, Casey Gerwer, mom to BBGG quads, just like me, you can find all these things in a one stop shop!
Since she opened her Online Store Designed for Babies I’ve been a little of a shopaholic! My first purchase was this awesome tee.quads4Then, for Christmas, I received a happy in the mail!
IMGP4204 I’m going to order Matt this shirt for Father’s Day!quads5   Kidding, kidding, although I do love that shirt, this is the one I’m really going to get him…quads6These are on order for the Babies…quads7quads8I’m also ordering these for the babies…quads9I needed something special for Hannah Noelle too so I sent Casey an email to see if we could do something for the Big Sister to Quadruplets and she said, yes, it’s in the making, stay tuned!!!
I’m so excited not only for a one stop shop for moms of multiples and moms with singletons, but that my friend, a mom to quads, has such an amazing business. 
Here’s a few ways to check out Designed For Babies
The Blog, Facebook or Twitter.
One more thing….. if you’re worried about fit because you have the “mommy belly,” quit worrying, she picked out shirts with us in mind.  Last year when we were planning the Quad Mom Trip we decided we wanted shirts.  That was the first we all heard of her amazing business.  We generated a few hundred emails and gave what we liked, didn’t like, etc.  We had sizes ranging all across the board and yet, she found the perfect shirt to make us all comfortable! Triptrip2Congrats, Casey, on an awesome business!!!  des


Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY! I think i may cry! That was soooooooo sweet! I love you so much!!! Your support means the WORLD TO ME!!!!! LOVE YOU!

Stephanie said...

WHat a great support system you all have!
I have a few things in mind to order for a friend of mines, and you know I will order from Casey!!
Awesome post girl!!

Gen McNulty said...

I love this!! You rock woman!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! Congrats to your friend!


quadmom said...

That's amazing that all of you quad moms got together. Where do you all live that you could all get together like that? I'd really like to be invited to the next get together. Thanks for the posts! Jayne Cluff momma to Cluff quads in AZ