Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday

January, February and March are packed with birthdays of several of our friends and family members! We’re getting a little more brave and venturing our a little more often with all 5, but haven’t completely mastered it yet! I’m not going to list all the birthdays that we’ve missed over the last month and the upcoming months because I’m sure I’ll forget someone, just wanted to send a generic Happy Birthday to Everyone! We all have birthdays; right?
These pictures are from one of Matt’s coaching buds, Kevin Fant’s, son, Kale’s 1st birthday.  The weather was beautiful, the babies were all in good moods so we figured we would load up and go.  They had a blast and gave us the hope that maybe we can attend more parties in the future! IMGP4222CannonIMGP4218GunnerIMGP4224AveryIMGP4226Hannah Noelle and her mini-me, LaurenIMGP4223Gunner, HN and Lauren IMGP4230 Gunner running with the bouncy ballIMGP4234Cannon going for a ride with the Birthday Boy, Kale! 
Happy Birthday!

One party we’re going to miss, due to a scheduling conflict on Hannah Noelle’s part (she’s such a busy lady) is our cousin Mason’s 2nd Birthday Carnival.  We’re going to have dinner next weekend to celebrate, so be expecting pictures from Cochran/Saxon, table for 10, 4 adults, 6 high chairs and a booster, please!

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Charity Donovan said...

That first pic of C-Man is PRICELESS! I love his little FACE!!! So cute!!! They are all precious, just like their momma!