Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas

I’m skipping a lot of the in between stuff and I’ll get back to that later, but I just wanted to share our Christmas Card.  We were late sending them out so if you haven’t received yours yet, hang tight, it may take another day or two!
We have been super super busy around here with Christmas Parties, dentist visits, a new configuration for the playroom (and mommy’s sanity)!
Everyone please take time out this Christmas Season to remember the Reason for the Season and give everyone in your family an extra hug from the Cochran Crew!
Merry Christmas!
cochran09-finalIf things stay as crazy as they have been, the next time I get around to blogging I’ll be 30! That’s right, I turn the Big 3-0 in 2009!


Charity Donovan said...

OMG Sandra...freakin' adorable!!!!! love their little grins & HN is such a little doll...beautiful!

Following HIM said...

Oh my Goodness Sandra...I LOVE the card! Merry Christmas to you guys!
Btw...the kiddos are so precious!

Lauren said...

CUTE Christmas card!! Merry Christmas, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (soon)!!

Shari said...

awww What a cool card!

Merry Christmas to you and your crew!!!

Tiffany said...


Stephanie said...

Well that is just ADORABLE!!
Happy early 30th!!! I turn 30 in 2010!!

Anonymous said...

I received my card yesterday and it is absolutely adorable! I am late on mine too. They are going out today! Ooops! Happy Birthday! Hope it is a fabulous one!

jag said...

Well, honey, as usual, you've still got us beat! Haven't even taken the picture yet!

I LOOOOOVE the card - LOVE IT! Also, trying to figure out when I can fit a post into the ole' schedule.

Misty said...

GOt mine yesterday! LOVE IT!

nicole_dib said...

What a cute Christmas card!!
How do you find the time???

Have a wonderful holiday!!