Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!

Well, I had big plans for an over the top great Birthday Post on their birthday, but Mother Nature had a different plan!
Monday afternoon we got some pretty severe weather and we lost power and phone service! Thank goodness we got our power back in about two to three hours, but we weren’t so lucky with the phone/internet.  We were originally given a “Promised Resolution Date” of next Monday.  I knew I couldn’t make it that long without the internet or the phones, but knew I had to try!  Then at 8 am this morning I got a call from our technician that he was on his way! THANKS DOUG!
I thought about doing a slide show for the pictures, but I like them documented individually so I can print the blog post out and have each picture! So, with that said, I apologize for the massive amounts of pictures (thanks again Leighann!!) I’ve attached to this post! The party was such a blast, the company was excellent and we just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our children!22264 555 56 50 51         78944

16 15758 54   15 Cannon Gregory Cochran

bDay1 19  3145 3548Gunner Cole Cochran52bDay2bDay2 27 28 30 36 37 39Lauren Kathryn Cochran  

bday4 18 2059 25 32 40Avery Caroline Cochran14

bday3  21 26 29 33 34 414349 47   38

Hannah Noelle Cochran 1317

53We had LOTS of special guests, but I think the Award for traveling the farthest with the most children goes too…….. The Lambe Quads 
We were SO happy to see them and SO wish we had their stroller!!!
So, I’m gonna go out on a major limb and try to identify these Identical Cutie Boys!!!
Nick holding Avery, Kami holding Lauren,
Matt holding Cannon, Me holding Gunner.
Left to Right… Ms. Sloan, Rocco, Madden, Jagger. 
(Did I get it right, Kami?)
Thanks Big Pop & GiGi for bringing them to Mississippi to see us!
46 I have several posts ready to go (in my head that is!)
One is a few pictures of guests that Leighann captured.
One is my Birthday Tribute to my babies!!
One is my pre-party photo shoot pictures.

Then it will be time to start my individual posts for the babies on their Special Day (the day they were released from the NICU) (Thanks for that idea Moni)

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes!!


Charity Donovan said...

So so so cute!!! You are one awesome momma & you pulled off one AMAZING party X 4!!!! Love you momma & love all those beautiful ONE YEAR OLDS!!!!

Suzanne said...

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE the pics! and the party looked oh-so-cute! the decorations were perfect! and i love how avery just devoured the cake---a gal after my own heart! you looked cute as ever in your ruffles, you skinny thang! love you!

Moni Graf said...

woman, i don't know how you do it! you truly are an inspiration. those kiddos want for NOTHING because of how hard you and Matt work to make that happen. can i be your 6th kid?!

the party looked absolutely PERFECT and you'd never be able to tell you were running on a little under 4 hrs of sleep. crazy.

love you and i'm SO glad you're back online. THANK YOU, DOUG!


Lauren said...

Great pics! It looks like a great party, and you did a great job putting it all together.

Beth said...

Love the pictures! Looked like a great party! Congrats on your first year! Your family is beautiful.

jag said...

Sandra, the party looks like it was perfection! Everything was so cute - especially those beautiful babies! I wish we were closer and could have celebrated with you! Lots of love!

Stephanie said...

Wow...what beautiful kiddos! (all 5 of them!!)
The party looked awesome!
She got some GREAT shots of the cake pics!!

Kami Lambe said...

You got them right girl! We had such a great time at the party. It was great to finally meet all of your family. Love all the pics! I especially love how Miss Avery dug into her cake and still wanted to eat a cheese puff! A girl after my own heart.
Love ya,

The Scarbroughs said...

Sanda, I had a blast capturing such a special day for you and the kiddos! I love you and your like a sister to me! I am working on some of the pre-birthday shoot pics now. U are an amazing woman, and I am so agreeing with Moni, will u and Matt adopt me too? Loves ya!!

RADstitches said...

I enjoyed ALL the pictures! I love all the details... Things were perfect! You always have such a beautiful and HAPPy smile... Enjoy your babies!! I just took my baby to K this year and it ate me UP!!!!

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter. You did a bang up job on that party with all the coordination of colors with kids. That was great. I live in Philly, MS and want your contacts. haha! Who does your invitations, cakes, pictures, monogramming, outfit making, etc. Where in MS are you all. I know I should know this but I forgot and then the whole East Cent. thing threw me off!

Jac Tubre said...

Awesome post woman! I LOVE the pictures. You look great as always. I'm still mad we didn't make it :(

Love you,