Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

IMGP2711 From my back porch looking in!
Gunner, Cannon, Lauren & Avery

IMGP2731Cheeto Time 
Watching Hannah Noelle swim!
very, Lauren, Cannon and Gunner
Avery and Gunner escaping with Cannon’s picture!
GunnerIMGP2726Avery IMGP2727 LaurenIMGP2728 CannonIMGP2730 Hannah Noelle
(She wanted to be just like them!)IMGP2731
IMGP2734 Cannon, Lauren, Avery and GunnerIMGP2738 Cannon @ Mexican RestaurantIMGP2740 GunnerIMGP2743 AveryIMGP2744 LaurenIMGP2746 Cannon, Avery, GunnerIMGP2747 GunnerIMGP2748 AveryIMGP2749 CannonIMGP2750 Wal-Mart!!
Gunner, Cannon
Avery, LaurenIMGP2751
Lauren at the Splash PadIMGP2752 Cannon
(Can you tell it was NOT a hit!!!)IMGP2755
GunnerIMGP2756 AveryIMGP2758 Avery and CannonIMGP2760 Daddy with Gunner and LaurenIMGP2761 Cannon, still MAD!IMGP2762 The swings were WAY more fun!
Lauren and GunnerIMGP2768
IMGP2769 GunnerIMGP2770 Lauren & CannonIMGP2775Hannah Noelle & Barney? 

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Keith and Jamie said...

Love all of the Pics!!! Just read the article in the Sun Herald! Awesome!

Jenni said...

Great Pictures!!!

Amber said...

The splash pad pictures are so funny :) love u and all the kids!!

Mary Kate said...

hey...i have been researching convertible carseats & was looking at the sunshine kids brand...i noticed your kiddos have them. do you like them???

Stephanie said...

Wow..what great pics!
I love their big smiles :)

Following Him said...

GREAT picts! Glad the kiddos are having a GREAT summer! HN is so cute with her little siblings!

Charity Donovan said...

So cute Sandra!!!! Looks like you are really enjoying the new house & quad table!!! Pics from the Splash Pad...HILARIOUS!!!!! Love & miss you girly!!!!

Beth said...

Seriously, I hope to GOD you sanitized the heck out of those highchairs. I am having a heart attack over here!!!! Glad it went well, they are all too cute. I see you love the quad table. I thank my lucky stars everyday we went that route :)I WANT TO SEE PICS OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!

Moni Graf said...

I could just eat those "Coke-Run" kids up! Loved all the pics and Cheetos smiles.

I had a silly grin plastered to my face the entire time I was scrolling down, looking at all those pictures! And HN is such a good big sister. I could actually picture her dancing in front of the quad table to keep the babies entertained while her mama gabbed on the phone with some crazy, bump-it-wearin' Kansan.

I also had to laugh at the swing pics. I like how you paired up the smallest and the largest (Lauren and Gunner) so they'd fit. I bet Lauren was thinkin, "Dang, I drew the short stick here!"

Love you!!

King Quads said...

I love all of these pics Miss Sandra. They are just so beautiful, they have their Mama's georgous smile too. They get cuter every time I check them out, how is that even possible?

Seriously...CHEETOS???? You are killing me, I am not kidding about shipping you to my house to kick my butt!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the pics!!! Gunner and Avery look just alike in the pic of them crawling side by side!

Cochran Quads said...

Beth, yes, I sanitized the heck out of the seats and the table! I carry those little Germ-X wipes everywhere I go and think of you with every germ I wipe away!! Luv Ya!
Mary Kate, I sent you an e-mail, but I LOVE my Radian carseats!!
JKing, Get brave girl, throw some food out there, let them try it! I was scared the first time, but they did SO good with it! Finger Foods are the BEST!!!

jag said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I can't get over the big grins on Gunner and Avery in the car! LOVE THEM ALL!