Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Let me start by saying, I'm sorry, no pictures are in this post! :(
Today was an absolutely amazing day! Our precious babies were dedicated at our home church where my father previously pastored for 13 years. My dad was able to come into town to dedicate my children as he had previously dedicated Hannah Noelle. This was very special to me because every moving experience in my Christian life, my parents have always been there. My dad baptized me, my dad accepted Matt's Letter of Membership to our church. My dad performed the Wedding Ceremony for Matt and myself and now my dad has dedicated all of my children. It's an overwhelming feeling!!
We started off the day VERY EARLY! I knew if I needed to leave home by 10:15, I better convince myself I had to leave by 9:30. My sister and I got up and started doing all the last minute to-do's! We packed bags, laid out clothes, ironed outfits for the rest of the day. We woke up Hannah Noelle next so she could get her Easter Goods! (I always try to do holidays with her before the babies wake up!) We then started the process. Spoon feed, Bottle feed, Baths, diapers and.... nope, I left them naked!! I put on the girls tights, bloomers and shoes, put on the boys tall socks, got Hannah Noelle completely dressed except for her dress and off we went. We have to take two cars because we only fit 7 in the van and Andrea is always our right hand lady and that makes 8. She had HN with her. We made it about 5 miles up the road and I start looking around the van... Blankets, check, bottles, check, babies, check, dedication clothes, check, diaper bag, um, where's the diaper bag? Andrea probably has it. Whew, I'm glad I called her! No diaper bag to be found. Andrea makes a U-e and heads back to the house to get the diaper bag. We had an uneventful ride to the church which, of course, included two poopies!! When we arrived at the church we had the system ready, diaper change, dress, pass off X 4. Andrea arrived right as we were dressing the last baby. Matt and I each had two babies in tow, Andrea carried the diaper bag and bottle bag and Hannah Noelle walked like the biggest big sister you've ever seen!! I had an enormous flood of emotions as I walked in with my precious babies for the first time into the very church I had walked into at the age of 8 for the first time! We were greeted by so many people who had been patiently waiting to catch a glimpse!
There were several special people there today some of which included my mom, Joy (Me-Mom), my dad, Adrian (Pe-Pop), Matt's mom Phyllis (Nana) and her husband, Curt (Papa), Matt's dad Bruce (Paw-Paw) and his wife, Bobbie (B-B). My brother, Stephen (Coach), my sister-in-law, Kristy (Kae-Pae), my nephew, Jayce, my sister, Andrea (Pae-Pae) and her boyfriend, Dan (Mister Dan). Alexa (Aunt Lexa), Phillip (Uncle Pill-Up), Mrs. Julia (Me-Maw) Taris and Corey (Bubba). Micheal, April (Apie), Kaleigh (K-K), Jimmy and Laura Grace. Also in attendance at my request was Wendy Hardin Copeland and all of her family down from Jackson to sing one of my all time favorite songs! And if I do say so myself, Girl, You Rocked It!!!! There were many other special people there and I know I've missed listing a few (Sorry!)
The dedication was AWESOME! The babies did great minus a minor fight over Lauren's paci! She nor Avery regularly take pacis, but for some reason right in the middle of the dedication they got in a fight over it! Matt had the boys and had Cannon positioned awkwardly and at one point I looked over and Gunner was on Matt's hip and Cannon was down by his knees! I was for sure he was fixing to drop him. He did an amazing juggling act and up Cannon came and the congregation burst into claps and laughter! People always call us a Side Show anyway, guess Matt made us live up to our name!
The babies normally spoon feed at 11 and bottle feed at 12. Church started at 10:55. I was FOR SURE we wouldn't make it through church. Church actually lasted until 12:30 and I think we had one whimper and a laugh or two! Lauren was asleep on Me-Mom's chest, Avery was asleep in my lap, Gunner was asleep on Matt's lap and Cannon was asleep in Uncle Pill-Up's arms. I was so proud of my babies! We took pictures, played baby swap and hit the road for my brother's house for lunch.
We stayed at Coach's for an AWESOME dinner my sister-in-law cooked, let Jayce and Hannah Noelle have their Easter Egg Hunt and we loaded up, yet again, and headed to Matt's Aunt Greta's house. We arrived there all in good moods and got to enjoy the company of his mom, step-dad, Aunt Greta, Uncle Darnell, Old Grandpa (Matt's grandfather) and Ms. Elouise. I love it when we re-introduce them to Old Grandpa and he says, well, you know I'll never remember! He sits in amazement every time he sees them. After a little dessert we figured we better head home before the 6:00 spoon feed. The drive from Aunt Greta's to our home is only about 6 minutes and THANK GOODNESS it's not much longer! They were officially over being good and were in meltdown mode!! We came in, changed them, spoon fed them and decided today was a day for schedule breaking anyway, they had not had their naps, let's just put them down. They all fell asleep immediately. In the best interest of not having a 3 am wake-up call we got them up individually at around 9, changed their diapers and gave them their night-night bottle. They are sound asleep now!
All in all, it couldn't have been any better! I'm so proud that as a family we had another accomplishment! I'm proud that the babies acted like they did actually have some home-training :) I'm proud and overjoyed at the love and support from all of our family and friends! This was an Easter to remember!!!!
Have a Great Week!!

P.S. I can't believe I forgot this! We got concrete on Friday and they completely framed up the house on Saturday! We're told to expect, weather permitting, the trusses done tomorrow and windows, doors, walls, etc. by the end of the week!!


The Murray Crew said...

YEAH!!!! What an Easter to remember. =)

Hugs to All,
The Murray Quad Crew

nicole_dib said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!
What a terrific Easter :)

gilloth/Edina said...

that must have been a very specal day! Congratulations, and may God continue to "hold you all on the palm of His hand", as the Irish say :)
Thank you for the information about dedication. Some denominations baptise (small) children, some don't. (I'm a Luheran.)

Leigh said...

Sounds amazing! It will be an Easter to remember!
Much love,

Suzanne said...

what a special, special day! i remember our dedication day at church and how much i prepared and got things ready the night before! (you're a gal after my own heart!) i'm so glad everything worked out perfectly and that you guys had an awesome weekend!!!

Lauren said...

Awe, no pictures?! Glad you guys had a GREAT Easter.

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Amber said...

I'm super pround of your kids! Glad everything went so good for you!! Hope we get to see pictures soon! Love ya girl!(and all your crew)

Charity Donovan said...

What an awesome day! So glad your Dad could do that for amazing!!! =)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone had a great Easter. you go girl! you and Matt are angels from above.... to be that with it! God bless all of you'll.