Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Are Family!

After some blood, sweat, lots of tears, fingers crossed, toes crossed and $40, I got my pictures off my card!! Thanks for all the advice!

This video is pretty lengthy, but once I recovered the pictures, I wanted to show all of them!!

Now, to answer a few questions before you watch the video......

No, I couldn't find a bigger bow!!
Yes, I'm a little OCD!!
Yes, we have mauve countertops! Not our choice, but, hey, they work for now!!
Yes, everything is color coded. Purple is hard to find! If you find things pink, purple, blue and green, give me a shout out, please!!
Yes, I over complicate things to make them easier in the long run (or at least that's supposed to be how it works!)
Yes, we all loaded up and drove to Alabama to pick Avery up. We wanted to go as a family!
Yes, we all fit in the mini! 5 car seats!
Not that you would want to, but, no, there are no additional seats if you want to ride along!!



Misty said...

They are so beautiful Sandra! I'm so glad that ALL of you are home and safe!

Andria said...

Great shots! You look superb too! Love the hair bows. Big is better. And HN looks like a pro in front of the camera, she's been properly trained! ;)

So glad you were able to get the photos off... they are awesome!

arichardson1976 said...

I am not the least bit surprised by this video. I told my mom, if anyone can do it, Sandra can! I'll never forget how you can type and talk on the phone at the same time and never miss a beat! You are the most multi-task-enabled person I know, and I've come to the conclusion that God gave you four sweet babies at once because he knew you'd have a field day monogramming and personalizing everything you own of theirs! LOL!

Seriously, though, I am so happy that all of you are home and everyone is healthy. I know how relieved you must feel! Now that Avery is home and you've had time to settle a bit, I still intend on bringing you dinner and visiting those sweet babies. I will be in contact for when the best time is for you.

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog somehow, and I just wanted to let you know that your kids are absolutely precious! I love the hairbows on the little girls, my daughter Kyndal has one in every day :)
Congrats on being home!!!!

Misty said...

That is so awesome!!!! There is no better feeling than having ALL of them home together! I'm so happy for you. Wonderful video & pics!
Many blessings and hopefully some sleep,
MOM to gggg quads 23months

Anonymous said...

girl!! you have done a FANTABULOUS job!!! keeping all this stuf situated. Your pics are adorable as are the children. I am glad you are ALL finally home!!


Maggie said...

I LOVE the stickers on the bottle buckets! Where did you get them???

Moni Graf said...

Girl, you are SO talented. You've gotta be the most organized multiples mama I've ever seen! All their stuff is so cute and creative - did you do all that stuff yourself?!

I really loved all the pics, but especially the ones of all of you on the bench (daddy holding all 4 babies, HN between you and mama as the bookend). Holy cow, Strawberry Shortcake....that was precious!

Love ya,

Cochran Quads said...

The stickers on the Bottle Buckets came from memoriestoo.com She's very reasonable and super fast! Please, please tell her I sent you. She's doing the quads photos soon also! I just ordered some waterproof stickers from another company and we'll see how those turn out as well. Unfortunately, no, I didn't get to do any of the monogramming except the outfits they wore home from the hospital. I did those two or three days before I was admitted. While in the hospital, my sister got the job in Mississippi, moved in and Matt built me an office outside and I haven't set up my machine yet. I plan on doing that, you know, in my spare time! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments!

jag said...

Ummm... You're my hero. For starters, you look fantastic. The organization is mind blowing! I will not be showing you pics of our fridge, house, etc. any time soon. I am so glad you were able to recover the pictures!
Jenna and Nugs

twinsx3 said...

Wow, now that is organization! Love the pics of your adorable family :)



That was awesome- great tips for the future. Love the ideas- thanks for sharing and Congrats on your family being together. What a celebration! Ksmi

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I love everything you have done!!! All the babies home too, and healthy how great. Sandra this is Kami's Mom--azcrisantis--we MUST be related somewhere along the line, I love organizing almost as much as eating!! thanks for the note on the memories site, will mention if I order. We are so excited for the babies, and you are all great encouragement!!
Best wishes, (HN is such a great big sister also!)
Grami in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Your babies, all 5 of them, are ADORABLE! And OMG you are freakin SUPER WOMAN!!! Let me know if you need anything.

~Haley Pepper

Sharon (Mom to Maryanna, Cliff, and Macey) said...

What can I say but that everything looks great! I love the individual diaper bags. I need to get those.

I know that is such a relief to have your whole family home. Everyone looks beautiful...you included!

Lindsey said...

You never cease to amaze me! You are so great! Wonder-woman! I am so happy they are all at home with you now. I really mean that I will help you anytime!!! Ive been there and I can manage the apnea monitors, the girls had them, and the kaos! I love ya and please let me know if you need anything at all.