Thursday, August 14, 2008

29 Weeks, 1 Day, Other Blog Story

Yesterday was a great day, I got a visit yesterday morning from a fellow quad mommy and daddy, Jaclyn and Torey Tubre. They also fed me!!! Visit their site to see pictures of their beautiful Cupcakes along with pictures from our visit. She is the one that named our babies the Muffins!! While checking out her blog make sure you watch the video named Tickled Tygerman, I promise you'll get just as tickled!! Today there was story in the Mississippi Press on the quads, Matt had an interview with WLOX and I had an interview with the Sun Herald so stay tuned for those stories! I don't get any of those papers so if you have a scanner, scan it for me and e-mail it to me, please!! I'm keeping on keeping on and counting down to 30 weeks, then I'll focus on 31. One week at a time, one day at a time!!! Grow Muffins Grow!!!! Keep us in your prayers! Love to you all!!!


jag said...

Hey, Girl! Sounds like you had a fun day! So glad you had some visitors who have "been there." Also glad they brought you food. It's just the right thing to do when you visit a woman pregnant with 4 babies ;) Keep on keepin' on! Always praying for your muffins.

Tiffy's World said...

Congrats! You're doing so good. Can't wait to see those stories---too cool!

Dawn said...

I love reading the Tubre quad blog, its one of my favs.
Aaron actually called me and told me that you were in the paper. I'm still thinking of you all and praying for you. I am hoping Terika and I can come over and visit next week!!


Anonymous said...

Just another quad mama here routing you on and praying for you!! Saw your blog through Tubre! Doing great woman! I delivered my four kiddos at 29w exactly and they are all very healthy and doing great. And you beat me so you will do even better :) Keep it up!!!

kara said...

I just finished watching you guys on WLOX, and I must say that you look amazing in the pic they had! It is so great to hear about the drive MPH is organizing! We are still praying for you and your sweet little muffins :)

Deanna said...

Way to go!!! You are a trooper and doing great!!! I love having Hannah Noelle in choir!!! Can't wait to teach the muffins one day too. Love ya!

The Petro's said...

hey sandra,

I found your blog from the Tubre blog. My best friend, Mary Lucy works at the hospital you are in. She's a labor and delivery nurse. THE BEST!!! If you have met her, or see her, tell her I said, "Hi"!

Good luck with your muffins. I will be praying for each day that they are "baking" :)

Misty said...

You are doing so good!!!! I delivered my girls at 30weeks and they are all great! (even my one who had a really rough start). I will pray the muffins continue to grow and that you can be as comfortable as possible! I do know how nice it is to have another quad mom visit. THere is just something reassuring of someone who truly "get's it!"

The Carlsons said...

woo hoo! keep it going. praying you and the babies can make it to at least 32wk! you are doing awesome!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Moni Graf said...

You are doing a PHENOMENAL job! I can't even imagine how much more difficult it would be to have another chitlin to worry about during a quad pregnancy. Hannah Noelle is so pretty. You have the added benefit of having your uterus "stretched" already with her, so hopefully that means you'll go to 32+ weeks! Although I'm sure you're SO ready to meet those little guys and resume a "normal" life again. HA!

I'm glad you got to meet Jac and Torey. They are an awesome couple and have been my saving grace on more than one occasion. Her cupcakes are exactly 2 months older than mine and whenever I'm having problems (whether it's with our schedule, a baby or two, the hubby, products for multiples, etc) she's always there to lend me her expert opinion and advice. I really cherish her friendship. How far away from Baton Rouge do you live? Billy (my husband) and I are going there to visit in November. Maybe we can make a detour and meet your brood, too!

Keep up that positive attitude...It really does make a difference in the outcomes!

I know you have Jac to call, but if you ever want someone else to bounce ideas/concerns off of, give me a call. Jac has my digits.

Love from KS,

shelly said...

went on the Tubre sight again and found your picture. You look great. I can't believe there are 4 muffins in there. Eat, Eat, Eat. I hope you do video and pics after they are born since we will not be there until Christmas.
Tell Matt and Hannah Hello

shelly said...
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Margaret said...

Sweet Sandra,
Saw your belly on the Tubre site. You look REALLY good! Andrea said you did, but I know how prejudiced she is (smile).
It's so awesome that God is keeping those babies growing inside of you. We keep praying!
Love, XX's and OO's,
Aunt Margaret and Uncle Mark