Thursday, July 17, 2008

25 Weeks, 1 Day... Great Doctor Visit

If you're wondering why I always put how far along I am in the title, it's for future quad moms who want to browse by how far along they are. I find myself on my friends blogs counting on my fingers and toes trying to figure out how far along they were at that point. Plus, I'm just proud of myself!!

I'm still home!! Yay, yay, yay, yay!! It's been great getting to spend direct time with my family without nurses, the ice lady (anybody that came to visit knows how often she came in, especially at 4 a.m.), students, etc. coming in! Hannah Noelle has done really well adjusting to the disciplinarian being back home too, she's had more time outs in the last 4 days than the whole time I was in the hospital. She has slept on the floor in our room every night though because I just want her close!!

Here's how today's doctor's appointment went. The initial visit with the nurse was all normal, blood pressure good, weight excellent! Then we had the ultrasound for growth and cervical length. This was Hannah Noelle's first time to see them on ultrasound. We wanted to wait until they didn't look like aliens so it wouldn't scare her and we also wanted to just bring her with us to my regular OB instead of specialist so it wouldn't be such a long visit. Well, before we knew it, we weren't going to my regular OB anymore. She did so well at the hospital when doctors came in we decided to give it a try. She was on her "Best Bemaviour." She did so well she got ice cream when we left! The babies looked awesome!!! They are getting so big! They did 3D on them just for Hannah Noelle and she was amazed! She actually knew what she was looking at sometimes before I did because she would say, oh, there is Avery's hand and her fingers! We got good looks at Cannon and Lauren's face and a good shot of Avery's arm and hand. Gunner is too squished to even get a shot of anything!! Their estimated weights are as follows:
Cannon Gregory - 1 pound, 10 ounces
Gunner Cole - 1 pound, 13 ounces
Lauren Kathryn - 1 pound, 11 ounces
Avery Caroline - 1 pound, 12 ounces
They are all in the 50th percentile which Dr. Hole said is absolutely amazing for four babies!! He said he has never had a quad mom at 25 weeks have all three issues under control, preeclampsia, cervical length and baby growth. He said there is normally always one that is lacking, but I am standing strong. HN asked him when he was going to cut the babies out (yes, she knows WAY too much) and he said 8 weeks! I almost fell off the table. I said, I can't do 8 weeks! He said, everything can change on a dime, but I see it happening! I personally, for my sanity have to take it in smaller chunks than that. I have to say, okay, 28 weeks is good, which is 3 weeks away, then I'll shoot for 30, then 32. Right now saying 8 weeks wants me to just throw my hands up and say, I surrender, I'm done! My back is killing me, my belly is huge, my face is now full, my hips hurt when I sleep and when I walk and I could go on for days and days! Despite all that, I wouldn't change it for the world, I'm here, right where I'm supposed to be for some strange reason and God will one day show that reason to me. Even if he doesn't, I know there is a plan, much bigger than I could ever imagine!!
My cervical length is still holding strong!!! It was so good I felt confident in asking Dr. Hole if I could go out to eat, not take out, out to eat on the way home. He said, yes, only because next week you may not be able to and then it'll be a long time before you'll get to go again once you have 4 babies and a 3 year old!
All in all the visit was great! I go back next Wednesday and have to do the Glucose screening test. I continue to be on Strict Bed Rest and monitor twice daily. The monitoring sessions I have had have been great! I've had no more than 2 contractions in an hour. If they were to increase above four or five I will be back in the hospital on different meds so let's pray they stay low!!
Now, I have a favor from you! I post as often as I can and then I see only 3 or 4 comments and it makes me wonder if anyone really reads this! Could you please, even if you do it as anonymous, leave me a message? I need things to do during the day and reading your encouraging words would mean the world to me!! Bye for now... Love To You All!!!


Tubre Quads said...

I'm reading it...and loving it. you are doing great! I sent you an email just a minute ago. Keep baking those little muffins!

Love ya,

PS. We want PICTURES...of you, the babies, Matt, Hannah Noelle, the grandparents...give us something sista!

Dawn said...

You are doing fantastic. Hang in there!


tkmarksberry said...

Well girl, I apparently missed something b/c I have been looking at your Myspace page looking for the updates...LOL

I am so glad to hear that things are going well. I can't wait to see all of you! Anything you need let me know. Emi will be at dance again this year so if HN needs a ride let me know. We miss you around the legal world.

Love ya girl...


Damin, Summerlyn, & Rook Gwin said...

HEY!! just checking in! Glad you're doing so good!! Your body is super strong... I was having preterm labor with ONE baby at 25 weeks, so you're doing fabulous!!! GROW BABIES GROW!!!!

jlmckenzie said...

Hi, I read everyone of your updates when you post them on myspace. I'm so proud of how strong you have been. Stay optimisitc you will make to the end. We are preying for all of you. Love ya, Jodi McKenzie

Andrea said...

YEA! I'm so proud of you and the Fab 4!!! I am so excited that I'm going to get to be there ALL the time to help with the babies! I can't wait to meet them and hold them and love them! GROW BABIES GROW!!

Erin H said...

Awe, I am so proud of you! Keep up the Faith, and we are all keeping yall in our prayers. Im sure that you already knew this but Jeremiah 29:11 pretty much says that God knows the plans that he has for you. I live by this verse, it is just awesome. Just think, it wont be long! How exciting is that. I told Dr. G that you were home, and she said to tell you hello, and that she wants those babies to go at least five more weeks!

Tiffy's World said...

Wow----I'm so proud of you! Congrats! Thanks for providing the great update- please add the pictures. I am praying for you and the family. Keep hanging in there!

Claire said...

I just found you today! I have added you to my favourites and will eagerly await your updates.

After reading Steece's Pieces about Joe and Suz and their quads I have to say I've become a hard core quad blog lurker!

I don't have much advice (having never had a baby myself) but I am thinking of you and your family!


kara said...

Girl that body of yours deserves some major kudos for what it is doing! We are praying for all of your family and tracking your progress :)
Love to all,
Kara, Josh, & Emily Grace Lockhart

Emily said...

Hey girl~ so proud of you...if anyone can do this, you can! Granny Heidle wants your number; she wants to give you a call (is that ok?). She askes about you everytime I talk to her, and you know how those grannys are!!! Thought I would give you a heads up before I gave her your number. Well, think about you (all of you) everyday and I'm trying to come up with some cute "quad" picture ideas! FUN STUFF~ Keep us informed~ WE ARE HERE!!! xoxo

Amanda Ory Luc said...

Sounds like everything is going great - I am so excited for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. We may just have our babies on the same day or real close together. I have about 7 weeks to go. Take care and keep giving updates.



Kel Tuf said...

I check almost everyday to see if there are updates. :) And that is sad because I see your husband everyday but I love being able to let my family read them, especially Dennis. Hang in there!

The Tufnells

Anonymous said...

Hi! I read this occasionally and pray for you and your babies. You are doing wonderfully! But I agree with Jac Tubre: give us pictures!!! :) Keep up the good work. :)


jag said...

Thank you for your post on my blog. I am so happy you are doing well. Your family is in my prayers. I have been in the hospital for a little over a week and I totally understand the early morning wake up calls. Residents do rounds here at around 6 am every day and I have medicine to take during the night. That said, I am so thankful for the care. Keep doing well. Those smaller time frames help me too. Eight weeks just sounds way too long even though it's the ultimate goal. Talk to you soon.

taris said...

HEY girlie!!! I absolutely love reading this, even if I have already talked to you and know what you write. I am so proud of you-we all are!!! You are doing fabulous!!! Please let us know if you need anything!! We can't wait to spoil them!!!! Love to you and Matt and miss priss!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra, ya'll are doing soooo great... I am proud of you!!! i come to this page every time i log in cause i am so excited for you!!! Keep up the good work..

Love you

damien said...

keep up the good work . ive been following your blog for a while now im a quad blog addict i think . have a great week eat eat eat .

jmartin0308 said...

It's funny that you mentioned about not getting very many comments because I started to leave a comment the other day but decided not to because I figured you probably get tons of comments each time. Guess I didn't notice the number of comments after each post.....duh. Well, we're all reading your posts and rooting you on. I'm so glad you're getting to spend time with Hannah and your husband at home. Keep us updated........and yeah, I agree, post us some pictures.

P.S. I bet you're just thrilled that Andrea is coming home. I bet Hannah is excited too.

With many prayers,
Jessica, Tim, and Hunter

Pam said...

I just found your blog today, sounds like you are doing a great job of carrying these babies. I too am a fan of quad families. They really fascinate me. I have three children, all differen ages. Two now married and one just graduated from high school. I'll keep a check and keep you in my prayers. PS - Your daughter is just beautiful!

Jessica said...

I'm a reader here as well... I'm a Mom to 3 year old BBB triplets and 2 year old GG twins, 13 months apart. I hope you continue to do well!! And enjoy your time eating out!! It sure does become less frequent after the babies arrive :)

Margaret said...

Andrea just told me about this site. Really cool to get such a thorough update. Everyone at work keeps asking about you. We're low risk so we don't do more than two at a time--everyone wants to hear about four!
It sounds like you're doing great with an awesome support system. What I wouldn't give to come for a visit....
You're being prayed for a LOT! My Sunday School class is also praying. I love you, sweetie and pray that God continues to bless you. Only because I live so far away is it safe to say this (if I were closer you'ld punch me out, but you're on bedrest so I'm safe) but I'm praying that you go OVER 30 weeks for the sake of my great nephews and great nieces. Every day makes such a difference in their brain/lung development. Hang in there, Sandra--it's SO worth it.
Take care, God bless, and remember that I love you,
Aunt (and Great Aunt!) Margaret

Margaret said...

Just heard about this site from Andrea. Glad you're doing so well. Those babies (and you) are sure being prayed for--even my Sunday School class.
The nurses at work continue to ask how you're doing. Since we're low risk, we only do twins. Everyone wants to hear about and see pictures about the quadruplets.
Hang in there and my God continue to bless all 7 of you Cochrans. I'm glad you have such a strong support system. What I wouldn't give for a visit....
Take care, sweetie. I love you!
Aunt (and Great Aunt) Margaret

Margaret said...

It said my first entry didn't post so I wrote again. Now they both did. This one will make it three. Oh well, you said you wanted more comments!
Aunt Margaret

wenamae said...

Okay, I am reading too. I am glad you are well. I watch John & Kate plus 8 on TV and I think about you every time. You don't have 8 but 5 is plenty. I always say, "If Kate can do it, Sandra can." And since I have 1, I always remind myself how easy I have it even though I think my stubborn boy is awful!!