Monday, July 7, 2008

23 Weeks, 5 Days!! GREAT NEWS!!!

Today was a big day! My doctor had prepared me that if my cervix was below a certain number we would be doing a cerclage first thing in the morning. Needless to say, I've been a little stressed out! Well, my cervix is hanging in strong so as of this week, no cerclage. They will measure again next week and that will be the last opportunity to do the cerclage. They will not do it past 25 weeks. We will probably be changing or "tweaking" some of my meds in the next few days for contractions. Other than that, I'm just hanging in here! I had the shots for the baby's lungs and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! I was scared it was going to hurt terribly bad, but it honestly wasn't painful at all! Okay, probably shouldn't have said, at all, but you get my point!

This week was very busy! Hannah Noelle and Matt came over early Wednesday and stayed until late Friday, left went to the fireworks show and then came back early Saturday and stayed until late last night. It was so great to have them here for that long of a time. We had a picnic downstairs (McDonald's on a Barbie beach towel) but it was enough to wow a 3 year old!! We had several visitors on Saturday and more on Sunday which was very nice! The air in my room went out for about an hour or so and anyone who has visited knows I keep it about 60 in my room so I thought I was going to sweat to death! Matt went and told the nurse and she said the whole hospital's air system was down from when the power went out...we obviously slept through that!! She said, don't worry, Midas is on their way. Matt and I both looked at each other and said, aren't those the brake people? Well, we trusted the Midas touch and wala, we had air!! I will have more nights alone in the next two weeks because my brother, Stephen, had to go out of town for school and Kristy won't be able to come stay with me. She normally stays one to three nights a week. By the way, K-Pae, I can't thank you enough!! And Jayce, my nephew, thanks for letting your mommy come take care of me!

On an AWESOME note, my sister was here last week as I shared and had her Level II interview with SRH. Congrats, Congrats, she got the job!!! I cannot explain to anyone how awesome it will be to have my sister back in the same state with me, let alone the same city!! She is going to live with us for a while, which everyone says she's crazy for! She's moving in the first week of September and I can't wait!! I'm so extremely happy she is coming and sacrificing her life to help with the babies and myself!!!

And those of you wondering about my weight, as I sit here with a jumbo size bag of Doritos, I have officially gained 39 pounds!! I am up to 152!!! Go me! Thanks to everyone that brings snacks, fast food, etc. They weighed me this morning at 5 a.m., which I still don't understand why that was worth waking me up for, but once I saw the numbers, I was glad they did! That also means I have gained 14 since I have been in the hospital!! If you've seen any of my trays that they bring you know it's not from eating that, it's from all the support that everyone has given me! I think I should have put McDonald's Gift Cards on my baby registry!!! Wednesday which is 24 weeks, which is HUGE, I get to eat anything from anywhere I want!!! I'm really thinking about crab legs! We all know that is my favorite!! Oh, and Leighann and George, I'm still holding out on my blackened chicken salad from Scranton's!!!!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!! Love to you all!!!!


Tubre Quads said...

WooHoo!! Keep up the great work momma oven. No cerclage!

Love ya,

Misty said...

That is awesome! I know how hard it is to put the weight on. It took forever for me to put the first 10lbs on. And then by the end I had gained 80! Now if it would just all go away!
gggg 19months

Sweety Cassidy said...

HAPPY 24 WEEKS !! they are now viable

shelly said...

Glad to hear you are having a good week so far. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Mike, Shelly and Travis

damien said...

keep up the good work . i ve been checking your blog daily . your in my thoughts and prays that you make it to 32 weeks .